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Oct 13, 2009 01:24 PM

What to do with 2 jars of ground ginger?

So I have two unopened jars of ground ginger and don't know what to do with them. I always have a hunk of real ginger in the freezer, so I usually just revert to the fresh. Am i stuck with just making ginger bread or some other bake good?

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  1. How about the ginger spice cookies on epicurious? I recently printed the recipe but have not yet tried them. They were listed on the thread of favorite recipes from epi. Good enough recommendation for me

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      Just yesterday I stopped at Penzey's to replenish my supply of ground ginger which has been depleted in large mesure thanks to baking repeated batches of the Epicurious ginger spice cookies.They are wonderful.

    2. I would think so unless you opted to make a rub for grilling. There's a reason you (and others, I'd bet) use fresh ginger for cooking. Dried usually doesn't cut it at all. That being said, I had a dry rub that contained a whole lotta dried ginger and brown sugar. It was really decent. The brown sugar kinda sealed the meat with a caramelized crust. I used the grilled meats for a topping on dan dan noodles. Just my 2 cents. I can't really think of another use for dried ginger.

      1. Using both ground ginger and fresh ginger in gingerbread makes a dramatic difference in flavor. You might want to try a recipe that uses both those ingredients rather than the typical home-maker quick gingerbread that uses only commercially dry ground ginger.

        1. Use some in pumpkin pie...
          I wonder how ginger would be when added with cinnamon to hot cereal or applesauce?

          1. There are many uses for ground ginger besides gingerbread: cakes, cobbler, crisp, stir fry sauces, jam, glazes for meats & seafood, ..Ground ginger can be added to stuffings, sweet potato casseroles or pie; anything with apricots, apples, peaches or pears; home made ice creams, sorbet, milkshakes & smoothies. You could add to sausage (if you don't want to make sausage, buy maple sausage, add the ginger & some peeled & chopped apples; make into patties or add to a barbecue or mustard sauce. Make some nut brittle or other candy; the holidays are coming up and a nice lemon ginger hard candy would be great to sit out with other treats.

            Flavors that go well with ginger include orange, lemon, lime, lemongrass, cinnamon, soy, almond, walnut, hazelnut, vanilla, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc. etc. While many would argue that only fresh ginger will do, dried ginger does have it's place. You can freeze that second jar of ginger until later; It keeps well. Really, you're only limited by your imagination. Why not think outside the box?