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Oct 13, 2009 01:23 PM

Any good restaurants between Sarasota and Ft. Myers ?

need to meet friends for dinner someplace between Sarasota and Ft Myers. Any good restaurants available for fish, meat or italian ?

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  1. Try the Crow's Nest in Venice. Great view of the water, dolphins, and marina- but best of all the food is delicious. I'd recommend any of the seafood dishes, but my husband love the boullabaise (the dish is better than my spelling of it!) and I love the walnut salmon. Don't forget to try the seafood bisque w/the sherry!

    Oh, and the Gunther filet is out of this world!

    1. In Punta Gorda I've heard good things about The Perfect Caper. I haven't been there yet but the menu looks pretty good.

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        I was at the Perfect Caper last was really great! Not sure if it still IS great, though! I was most impressed. Here's the link for the restaurant in case you are interested:

      2. Try The Gulf View Grill out on Englewood Beach. They have the most incredible view and great eats. We love the Chilean sea bass and filet. I did have a Prime Rib there also. I also get the she crab soup...

        1. Let me add my recommendation of the Perfect Caper. We are is Estero and always meet our friends from Sarasota-Bradenton at The Perfect Caper. It's equidistant for us. Great food. Very Good wine list. There always seems to be some kind of deal there either at the bar or for dinner. Check their website. Husband and wife team -she cooks, he manages the front. Well worth the trip.

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            Good to know...the one time I went about a year ago (could be more than that!) was to meet up with a former boss who now lives in the Tampa-St. Pete area...we were trying to find a somewhat equidistant point with me in Naples and I came up with Punta Gorda...and I do believe that I found the Perfect Caper from recs on this very board...could be wrong but I think that's at least how my research started. We both loved our meal!

          2. for fantastic pizza and stromboli (made with fresh, locally-made italian sausage), go to monty's in punta gorda. oh. so. delicious.