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Oct 13, 2009 01:20 PM

Sapporo at Thanksgiving

Any turkey in Sapporo?, I have seen turkey legs for sale but no (pre-cooked) whole turkey.
I will take a (pre-cooked) frozen ham as usual, but cannot take frozen turkey and cook it - no oven.
Any other suggestions for restaurants/food? will be there two weeks.

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  1. The only recommendation I can give you is the catering service of the department stores Isetan et Mitsukoshi.
    They do have restaurants which work for them and quality restaurants also. You can try to contact them for a refrigerate cool pack ‘’takkyubin’’.
    With the transportation, difficult to do the stuffing part of a similar paultry.
    This choice will be expensive, but it is a great idea to bring thanksgiving to Sapporo.
    PLEASE don`t forget your hand made corn bread.

    1. Decided to take a frozen pre-cooked turkey with me.
      Still interested in restaurant idea's. maybe eel, ramen?

      1. costco... Any department store will kill the taste for the price

        1. Leaving from Atlanta tomorrow, taking 150 lbs of "souvenirs" including 3 costco hams, 1 smoked turkey breast, and 1 butterball turkey and only 50 lbs of clothes for Thanksgiving in Sapporo and next day in Tokyo. I got to be nuts.

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            A crazy (wo)man after my own heart, enjoy your holidays.

            1. re: tansu

              Enjoy the holidays and let us know what happened at customs ...

              1. re: steamer

                No problems at customs (check-in luggage)
                3 hams big sucess in sapporo, otaru, and tokyo.
                smoked turkey breast - what you would expect, not good but no oven in sapporo.
                frozen butterball - I nuked it because I was unfamiliar with the japanese convenction oven and no meat therometer, but tokyo relatives enjoyed their first tasted of (dry)turkey.
                I am afraid they may expect this every visit.

                1. re: tansu

                  microwaved from raw to dry? Yikes!
                  Hopefully the next visit you can properly cook it.

                  1. re: tansu

                    Just out of curiosity, not affiliated, is there a reason why ordering from The Meat Guy wasn't an option?

                    I've been looking for an excuse to order a bunch of stuff from him, as well as this place: