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Oct 13, 2009 12:58 PM


I'm going to be traveling to Scotland for vacation in November. Does anyone have information on kosher food? It seems like Glasgow has one restaurant. Beyond that is there anything? Are basics available in grocery stores or should I bring food from London? I'll be in London for a couple days before Scotland and then starting in Edinburgh before going to the Highlands.

For London I've found some of the previous posts. Anything new/exciting since this post in July?


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    1. I was in Edinburgh this summer. There are no Kosher establishments in the city. I am sure there are Kosher products available in the supermarkets but you have to know that many Kosher products do not have any markings but appear on the Kosher List of the London Beit Din. It is very hard to navigate if you don't know the system.

      There is one Orthodox shul, the Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation, but they usually only have a minyan on Shabbat and Chag. You can look them up to get more info. They have some arrangement with a Bakery for some Kosher products

      Bottom line--- bring your own food

      1. There is one gourmet Kosher restaurant in Glasgow Scotland. You can visit the Restaurant or order Kosher Meals which can be delivered to any hotel and location throughout Scotland

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          What was the point of this reply? The poster already knew about the restaurant in Glasgow. And is it really "gourmet"? I'd rather doubt that the only kosher restaurant in an entire country would be gourmet.

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            go to the web site-the photos look gourmet to me. also, the poster is not saying it is gourmet b/c s/he was there-he just copied the web site's info. according to the site, there are 2 delis
            mark's deli and hello deli

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              They appear to be groceries rather than restaurants.