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Oct 13, 2009 11:50 AM

Smokin' in the Park (SD)

This weekend there is what is being billed as So Cals largest BBQ competition at Veijas. Details here and elsewhere. Has anyone attended this event? Looks like a winner, and would be good to have some competition que along with craft beers.

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  1. ohhh darn, I am gonna be out of town. Let us know how it goes!

    1. I attended as the guest of Professor Salt of the 4Q BBQ team, a couple of years back.

      Back then, they didn't allow for tasting of the various entries by the public, but as a guest.....

      If you've never been to one, you might enjoy it.

      1. I tried to go last year and found it very poorly organized. You were made to stand in one single line of 50-100 people to buy a ticket, and then a second long line to get your plate. Walked through the contestant area and saw no tasting samples. We ended up with a hot dog from the stand near the entrance.

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        1. re: swrmc

          Buy a ticket to get in, or buy a ticket to do the people's choice? The site says there are no tickets, no lines, no admission. But you can purchase a ticket to participate in the people's choice contest.

          As long as I can buy a plate of food, and beer, I'll be happy I guess.

          1. re: deeznuts

            What I'm thinking is you have to arrive early to get the que because the people choice awards are at noon. Always disappointed in BBQ/Food festivals, with the exception of NOLA Jazz Fest, but still hoping for the best. I've decided to attend.

            1. re: stevuchan

              As long as the beer flows I'll be happy :) And there is still good que then I'll go ahead and grab some. if not I can hold my own with my smoker at home :)

          2. re: swrmc

            Last year there was only one vendor selling food and it was a mess. The vendor selling wasn't even part of the competition. This is the first year with People's Choice which should prove to be a heck of a lot better. I know a lot of the teams competing including Prof Salt, Bigmista, Notley Que, etc. Sadly for the attendees some of the best food (not barbecue) is at the pot luck. OMG!

            1. re: swrmc

              Ditto this year, could have been better organized. Out of the 6 or so people's choice contestants we tried two were good, one was awful and rest were mediocre. I imagine that the majority of the good Que went to the judges. I did enjoy checking out all the different BBQ rigs and the casino and bar were well air conditioned. Probably won't be back next year, unless in competition, but I'm glad I attended.