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Jan 19, 2005 10:19 AM

Best Steakhouse in LA???? for Floridian

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I know there is a Palm and Morton's. Are those the best or is there something I haven't tried? Will be there on a Sunday night. Thanks, Marshall

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    rabo encendido

    Ahhh, the steakhouse question. Many, many choices here in Los Angeles.

    If you would like some plastic surgery and Rolls Royce's mixed in with your cow, there's MASTRO'S in Beverly Hills. Very much a scene, with silicon-laden bimbos being cradled by their grandfatherly sugar daddies. Steaks are huge, dry-aged and excellent. Terrific martinis. A real experience and a lot of fun

    If you would like some history with your cow, a couple of good choices abound. MUSSO & FRANK'S, in Hollywood, open since 1812 with original waitstaff still employed. Best damned martini in town. I enjoy their steaks, but do not stray from them here, as the rest of the food is mediocre to bad. Lively and convivial place, also fun.

    PACIFIC DINING CAR in downtown Los Angeles. Excellent steaks, although I think this place is a little over-priced (as is Musso's, in my opinion). Everything served a la carte. Very eclectic crowd, open 24 hrs.

    Lastly, I've had some good steaks at Ruth's Chris here in SoCal (Irvine and Beverly Hills locations). I believe they are a chain with outlets throughout the Southwest. Gimmick here is steaks are served on white-hot plates pooled with melted butter. Delish. I recommend the above choices before Ruth's Chris because they are more of a one-of-a-kind-in-LA experience, but you won't go wrong at any of these places.

    (Hounds also seem to like the steaks at Dantana, in West Hollywood, but have not been, so cannot vouch)

    Mastro's Steakhouse
    (310) 888-8782
    246 N Canon Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    Musso & Frank Grill
    (323) 467-7788
    6667 Hollywood Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028

    Pacific Dining Car
    (213) 483-6000
    1310 West 6th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    (Additional location in Santa Monica)

    Ruth's Chris website linked below


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    1. re: rabo encendido

      If you opt for Ruth's, and if you prefer your meat delivered no more well done than the way you ordered it, be sure to ask that the steak be served on a room temperature plate. Otherwise that "white-hot plate" will continue to cook your meat and your charred-rare will end up medium-rare or worse.

      1. re: TomSwift

        Mastro's Beverly Hills isn't near as good as the one in Arizona (which may be the original). I vote for Pacific Dining Car...especially if you are looking for a "dining experience". It's like stepping into a different time. Ruth's Chris is too common--a chain steakhouse is hardly worth it when visiting from out of town.

        1. re: BenKenKelly

          It's been a subject of much contention on this board, but many of us feel Pacific Dining Car is an overpriced joke, and an unfunny one at a that.

    2. Here is one thread, (among many, many, many others) on this very subject. Probably the one place that gets the most raves here in LA is Maestro's in Beverly Hills, which you will read about in this thread). If yo want to do a control f search on the board you will come up with lots and lots of other threads for different places.


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      1. re: WLA

        Maestro's Suck.

        Don't go there.
        Bad wine list.
        Half way good meat.
        Lack in good quality steaks and ambiance.
        Bunch of snobby suits all over the place.

      2. Although I love Ruth's, I do agree that there's little reason to fly here to eat at a chain. Thus, my vote is for Dan Tana's, which is a truly L.A. experience.