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Oct 13, 2009 11:43 AM

In search of pizza in/near Columbia City on a Saturday afternoon. . . .

okay so I'm the last person to realize that Flying Squirrel isn't open until 5:30 pm. Which is a problem because youngest pup has it in his head that we are serving pizza at his b-day party in Seward park on Saturday afternoon.

Any thoughts on other places in/near Columbia City from which one could get take out pizza at say between 1 and 2pm on a Saturday afternoon?

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  1. My first thought is Mioposto in Mt. Baker. Not only are they open for lunch, but they're super family friendly, and since it sounds like you need take out, they even offer curbside delivery. Owned by the Seattle Eats folks (formerly part of Chow Foods). I've eaten there several times, and the pizza is quite good. Not Flying Squirrel or Delancey good, but good nevertheless. : )

    Here's their site:

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    1. re: hc_

      Good advice - what happened to the Chow Foods relationship?

      I was going to say Tuta Bella, but I think the Mioposto pizza will travel better.

      1. re: bluedog67

        The owners of Chow Foods "split up" - Read more about it here:

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          thx - missed that bit of news, but obvioulsy the restaurants aren't suffering b/c of it!

    2. You know, I'm gonna throw a vote in for the old school Vince's on this one.
      I will agree that the pizza at Tutta Bella and Mio Posto are "better" from an authenticity and foodie perspective, but, for a kid's birthday party, the pizza from Vince's might be a better call.

      I feel like it's the kind of pizza most kids think of when they think of pizza.
      No shredded basil leaves, no big gooey hunks of mozz, no brick oven, but a solid tomato sauce, basic topping and great chew/crunch to the crust.

      I guess it depends on the audience (and whether this decision is more for you or the kid ;-)), but I thought I'd throw it out there.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        I guess I would second vince's for a party. I am not a fan of mio posto and Neapolitan piesare much better fresh out of the oven. I was going to say All Purpose Pizza, which delivers to columbia city and makes a pretty good pie, but they don't open till 4.

      2. Both Vinces and All Purpose sound great --I bookmarked their websites for future reference when my MIL and oldest old pup are visiting at the end of the month. With one constantly hungry male pup, I confess a particular interest in Vince's special coupon on pizza and the buy 3 get one free! offers.

        But like All Purpose, <insert great gnashing of teeth> Vinces is not open before 4 pm on Saturday.

        Its looking more and more like a trip to Bob's for hot dogs/sausages and C-city bakery for rolls.

        Maybe youngest pup will agree to a consolation prize of pizza for dinner? Of course, if I REALLY loved youngest pup, I'd scratch the whole pizza/dogs debate and be off to Mutual Fish for some oysters on the half shell since last night he decided THAT was The Missing Componant to Ultimate Birthday Happiness. . . . .

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        1. re: jenn

          You could pick up from Piecora's which opens ar noon.

        2. Foodies aside, some of the most heavily topped, kid-food-friendly pizzas around can be found at Olympia Pizza and Saghetti House. Number 3, at 516 15th Avenue East is the closest. Those pizzas are so cheezy and doughy, they will surely make the trip better that any of the Neopalitanos. Consider, too, having Pagliacci deliver.

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