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Oct 13, 2009 11:28 AM


We will be making our annual visit to Quebec City between Christmas and New Years. Two of our dinners are decided - L'Initiale and Toast. For the third dinner we would like something a little less formal and quite frankly, less expensive! We were considering L'Echaude. From its website/menu, it looks like a classic bistro. Any opinions would be welcome. We're aiming to spend approx. $150 including house wine. Thank you!

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  1. Either L'Echaude or Pain Beni should work for you. We ate at both on a recent trip and, for my two cents, I actually enjoyed Pain Beni more. L'Echaude is slightly more elegant, but I liked our meal better at Pain Beni and it was cheaper. Both have bistro-type menus and both have a choice of a sort of "market" menu and more classis bistro dishes.

    1. L'Echaude is a good choice. I haven't eaten at Pain Beni myself, so I can't comment, but another suggestion is Le Cafe du Clocher Penche, which is casual with very good food, and should be well under $150 for two.

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        1. We travel to Quebec City 2-3 times per year and always try to hit up L'Echaude. More basic bistro fare than Toast or L'Initiale- and far less expensive. I personally go for the steak frites.....Last rip we went to Pain Beni based on Tripadvisor reviews and apparently are in the minority, as we found it very sub-par. Terrible service (where did she go this time?), weird ingredient combinations that just didn't work, and questionable value. The filet/shortrib dish was the tastiest, but even that consisted of about 1/3 of a filet mignon and a single-yes single- short rib, along with about a 1" square piece of potato. That's it. Personally, I'd stay in lower town where things seem a bit more authentic or even venture into the St. Roch area- heard great things about L'Utopie but haven't yet been.

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            I do agree with you about staying in the lower town. Most years we never even venture up the hill. There is plenty to keep us well-fed and amused in the lower town and much less touristy.

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