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Oct 13, 2009 11:23 AM

Where to eat on a budget near Disney Hall??

Good friend who's a foodie and I, not so much of one, are looking for interesting but inexpensive dinner before Murray Perahia concert at Disney Concert Hall tonight. Our usual routine has been to dine at Ciudad. However, we did spring for the best seats AND we both work for the state and are therefore living with diminished incomes--need I say more?
Any ideas?

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  1. the closest place i can think of (other than koo koo roo and cpk) is the redwood bar. it's pretty tasty. i love their clam chowder which is one of the only things i get there. but they have ok burgers and other fare

    cole's is also not too far and has some great history and phenomenal potato salad.

    is little tokyo too far for you? there are some inexpensive foodie places around both. i would check out spitz, wurstkuche, or nickel diner.

    1. Philippe's for french dip.

      1. Good night for some ramen. Daikokuya in Little Tokyo about 7 blocks
        from Disney Hall.
        327 E 1st St.

        1. I'd give serious thought (as I look out the window at 4 pm) only to places adjoining the Red Line stops. or with shuttles, because it may be pouring again shortly, and while I'd normally suggest that the walk to/from Little Tokyo was a pleasant jaunt, tonight maybe not so much. So look around the 7th and Fig/Metro stop.

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            Thanks to all who responded. We might just end up in the Concert hall cafe after all (because of the unpredictable weather), but we'll take your suggestions to heart for the next outing---because nobody's budget challenges are going away soon!

            1. re: ecd

              sorry for the late reply Oct. 14. But, maybe next time you go for dinner?

              SO< where did you decide to eat before the concert?