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Oct 13, 2009 11:05 AM

Help! Last minute small plate tour in Manhattan with no reservations

We're coming to the city last minute this weekend so we're too late to make dinner reservations. Ideally we'd like to bounce around to a few different places and have a few small plates at each, sit at the bar, glass of wine, etc. Just two of us so we are hoping to squeeze in. We have no time frame and could start early and go all night from place to place. Budget is not a huge issue but we'd like to be relatively casual (no black tie).

Does anyone have suggestions on restaurants where we could do this? I've heard it may be posible at Degustation, Spotted Pig & Tia Pol. Any place else?

We both love spanish, french and asian, both adventurous. Sweetbreads, foie, seafood, short ribs are favorites.

Staying at the London in Midtown but very familiar with the city so we can get around town without too much trouble.

Links to other threads would be great too.


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      1. Sala 19 has tapas and sangria. It's in the flatiron area but I think there's one more downtown as well. They do walk-ins and has bar seating.

        1. Casa Mono, sit at the bar.

          Terroir, very small space.