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where to eat in montreal

adamrosengren Oct 13, 2009 10:59 AM

going to be in montreal for the first time at the end of november for 4 days. looking to eat some great food. anyone have any suggestions on where to eat?? definately eating at au pied de cochon, and grabbing some bagels at st viateur. any other advice would be much appreciated.

we are staying on rue st denis in le plateau mont royal. not exactly looking for tasting menu experiences, but rather great food, in a warm casual environment that is unique to montreal.

thanks a lot!!!

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  1. afoodyear RE: adamrosengren Oct 13, 2009 04:54 PM

    I prefer Fairmount bagels to St. Viateur - if you're going to go the St. Viateur route, might I suggest you check out Bagel Etc. (4320 Boulevard St. Laurent ) for breakfast, a popular kitschy kind of diner once frequented by Leonard Cohen, and opt for a bagel as your bread option, where you'll get a toasted Fairmount bagel for comparison.

    Smoked meat is a must for a first timer, and while Schwartz's is most well known, there's often a huge line up because of it. The Main, right across the street at 3864 Boulevard St. Laurent, will get you more for less and you won't have to wait for a table. If you don't care about your arteries, try the club roll, which comes piled high with 4 types of meat.

    La Banquise is the typical poutine place, open 24/7 which is probably not too far from your hotel, depending on where on St. Denis you are staying, at 994 Rachel East.

    For more unique suggestions, try searching this board for "visiting" and/or "tourist" and you'll quickly find a few dozen threads with a lot of recommendations.

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