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Oct 13, 2009 10:58 AM

Best Quick, Fresh Breakfast Sandwich/Burrito/Wrap Downtown - and it is definitely NOT Boloco!

I have tried breakfast burritos and sandwiches all around downtown (with Boloco's this am of lukewarm, pre-cooked eggs, unmelted cheese, and semi-raw soggy bacon definitely being the worst of the worst) - where is the best bacon, egg, and cheese morning sandwich made in the downtown Boston/Financial District/Seaport areas?

Ideally it will be all freshly-cooked ingredients (e.g., not Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks) served hot on toasted or grilled bread product and oozing melting cheese - and available to go.

Right now the Egg McMuffin (ducking for cover) is my top contender (at full price or the 2 for $3 oinkfest special) - and that just can't be so, can it?

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  1. When I grabbed an Iced Tea at the Au Bon Pain on Boylston recently, the cashier said they were using fresh eggs now in their breakfast sammies (compared to the oddly tasteless frozen-then reheated egg material they were using). I haven't tried them out yet, but generally their bread/meat/cheese component is decent so if the egg part is good it might be a quick/fresh option for you.

    1. I think Chacarero has a breakfast sandwich, and I would imagine it's probably good.

      1. It's been a while, but Sebastian's used to have a pretty good egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

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          Hmmm - do you know if they used to (or still will) make it fresh? - now it appears to be made in advance, then sit under heat lamps which over-hardens both the (scrambled) egg and bread, whether it is English Muffin or wrap. It was not inedible like Boloco but not a repeat, either. Interested whether they offer a fresh option as well?

        2. If you want to go breakfast burrito, try Burrito Express on Bedford St..sort of between the back of Macy's and Chinatown. I think they are the best tacqueria in downtown.

          Grass Roots (across from Pace's) on Devonshire cooks their breakfast sandwiches to order.

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            Have you tried Ufood, the little place on Washigton Street in Downtown Crossing (near the Avenue De Lafayette)? I have actually never been to this location, but I've had the breakfast burrito many times at their location in Logan Airport and it is among the best.

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              I've walked by that place hundreds of times but never went in. Something about their "healthy menu" logo makes me run..:) I'll give them a try.

          2. The breakfast sandwiches at Figaro's on Beach Street are very good and fresh made. I recommend the "Ultimate" which is meat, egg, cheese and a hash brown on your choice of bread. They also do a breakfast burrito there.

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              Capital Coffe shop near the state house has an excellent bacon egg and cheese. Cheap too

              also great ice coffee