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Anyone been to BlackStones steak in Norwalk?

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I've seen the ad's all over T.V. for this place. Look's good in the ad's, but can someone tell me for sure.

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  1. Jfood cannot give you "for sure" but can only give you some hear-say. Friends have gone and rate it very highly and a group went from work 2 months ago and really enjoyed as well.

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      This place is new to me. South Norwalk? Norwalk? Is there a website?

      I find there aren't too many good steakhouses around so I'm always interested in a good one.

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        On route 123 next to Brandman's Paint just north of Route 1.

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          I think It's called Blackstones.

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          Patricia Brooks gave it a satisfactory...not that most of really care what she thinks...here's the link to the review:


          The website does not appear to be operational at this time, said the domain name needs to be renewed...I guess that's not a good sign!

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            It is called Black Stone and there is a website now (though not the greatest). Here is the menu:

            So... any new updates on this? Is it worth a visit? How are the prices? And how are the wine prices? I generally find steakhouses are the biggest offenders of going 3x retail on the bottles.