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Oct 13, 2009 09:56 AM

Need a last minute STL recommendation

I'm at a conference in the Forest Park area (Eric Newman Center), right on the Metrolink. I am seriously considering skipping out of tonight's rubber chicken banquet. Does anyone have a recommendation for somewhere good, but casual? Somewhere that is an easy on-off from the Metrolink or a quick cab ride? Somewhere a singleton diner won't feel too out of place? I think the Hill is nearby, but I don't know anything about the restaurants there (and I won't really have time to do much research this afternoon while sitting in break-out sessions). I'd love some local Italian flavor, but I'm really not a picky eater.

Sorry this is so last minute. I am making a game-day decision on the banquet after reviewing the lunch spread!

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  1. You are in the Central West End, which is full of restaurants, all of which are within an easy walk or very short cab ride. There are other restaurants a Metro stop or two away. Here are some places you could go:
    Bar Italia. Not your usual red sauce Italian. I give it very high marks:
    Bobo Noodle House. This is a casual Southeast Asian spot.
    Atlas. Somewhat more upscale but very good food.
    Liluma. French/Italian. Walking distance. (Website is a bit out of date):

    Be sure to report back.

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      I second the Atlas recommendation. It is a short cab ride away.

      Moxy at 4584 Laclede St. Louis, MO 63108,,314-361-4848 is just a couple of blocks north of where you are. Good, but can be noisy.

      Luciano's (172 Carondelet Plz.,Clayton,314-863-9969)
      is a couple of blocks west of the Forsyth metro link stop (head west on the Blue/Shrewsbury line). Also good food.

      Good luck. Sorry about the lousy weather. p.j.

    2. i highly recommend FIVE Bistro on Dagget in the hill. Fantastic atmosphere and wonderful food.

      1. Thanks for the last minute suggestions. I ended up at Bar Italia. A coworker who is not a very adventurous eater tagged along, and Italian sounded like a good choice. I had the soup of the day, which was a clam chowder (the weather demanded it). Lots of clams and very tasty. Followed with fettucini with a flavorful red sauce with sausage, chicken, and veal. Maybe a little undersalted.

        Looks like there were a lot of interesting bars and restaurants in the general vicinity. I am trying to talk my husband into a weekend getaway.