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Oct 13, 2009 09:27 AM

I need help with a creative family cookbook name

I came across some great posts helping people come up with cookbook names and now I need some creative help.

I'm lucky enough to have the last name "Smart" but I'm still having some trouble coming up with ideas for our family cookbook name.

Smart Recipes from the Smart Family seems a little redundant.

Maybe a play on those "Smart Women" products? Like "Smart Women Cook" or "Smart Women make the Men cook"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. If only it were a cookie cookbook . . .

    But, here are some things to help you get started:
    CookSmart or Cooking Smart or Smart Cooking or The Smart Way or Smart Cuisine or Kitchen Smarts or How the Smart Family Cooks or When Smart Folks Cook--or bouncing your own idea back to you, how about just Smart Recipes?
    Have fun!

    You could have even more fun with chapter titles: Smart Starts, Smart Cookies (there, got it in!), Smart Tarts
    Wow, are you blessed w/ a good name. Mine is mostly unpronounceable.

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    1. re: nomadchowwoman

      Smart Family Cooking, The Joy of Smart Cooking, That's Smart: Getting it Right in the Kitchen...

    2. nomadchowwoman came up with one I like: Kitchen Smarts.

      But what about "Eating the Smart Way"?

      "Smart Family Traditions"

      "Smart Kitchen Traditions"

      1. We shall ignore "Smart as a bag of hammers", "Smarties" and "Get Smart".

        Smart Collection
        Smartistic Creations

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        1. You are all brilliant!

          Awww, Smart Cookies would be adorable for a cookie book.

          So far I really like When Smart Folks Cook. Eating the Smart Way is cute too. Although sounds way too healthy for my family!

          (And thanks for the avoidance of Get Smart and other names I was called way too often growing up! :)