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Oct 13, 2009 09:27 AM

Need help with restaurant name

I can't remember the name of a restaurant that a chef from NOLA recommended to me last December. It's on Frenchmen St, across from Snug Harbor and a couple doors down - very small, not well known outside of locals. The recommendation was that on any given night, most of the customers would be local chefs. They have a chalkboard outside with all the day's specials. Sound familiar to anyone?

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  1. Sound's like Adolfo's, which is located above the Apple Barrel on Frenchemen. Most of the customers being local chefs seems like quite an exaggeration to me though.

    1. Agree w/our librarian.
      I haven't been there in a while (didn't even realize it was still open), but the times I have been, three or four w/friends who love it, we thought it was just ok.

      1. That was definitely the name. Thanks for the help and the reviews. I'll have to see this year what my group thinks.

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            Or DONT skip Adolpho's. I have had several of the best meals of my life there.

            (Fydeaux's 1st law: For every opinion, there is an equal and oposite opinion.)

            It is pretty small though, and depneding on the size of your group, you might want to consider someplace else.

            And I am also unaware of it being a chef's hangout.

            1. re: Fydeaux

              Adolpho's is very good for the price. It is small, unique, and delicious. The crab and corn cannelloni is a must have appetizer. Any of the fish topped with ocean suace is also the way to go. While your waiting for a table cocktails or beer downstairs in the Apple Barrel is another must. Adolpho's is great and the value is there. The food is savory and the portions are large. I would hit it in a heartbeat.