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Oct 13, 2009 09:26 AM

GOOD Chicken Parm Hero or Sandwich on Westside

WIll settle for a good one, doesn't have to be great, just want fresh bread and quality sauce and fillings. Why is it so hard to get simple comfort food in LA, everybody in LA is from somewhere else, and then they get here and forget the food that made thier hometown great!

I head Bay Cities has one, but only on certian days, if someone can second that, I will brave the wait!

Thanks in advance

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  1. I believe that Bay Cities offers their C Parm every day. It's the Eggplant Parm that is only on a certain day:

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    1. re: Servorg

      Bay Cities has it every day of the week (they are closed on Monday) in the hot case. It's a good chicken parm sandwich. The taste is good but you don't get the mix of textures that you get with a made to order piece of chicken parmesan.
      Wildflour, the pizzeria on Main St. in SM, makes a good CP sandwich. I've only had it once and it was about a year and a half ago. I remember enjoying it.

      1. re: Wolfgang

        Even at the height of the lunch rush at Bay Cities, there is never a long wait on the hot side.

        I've really enjoyed the hot eggplant parm sandwich at Victor Jr.'s on the north side of Washington in Culver City. Their sub rolls are much softer than Bay Cities, but their food is very good and the service really friendly. I'm sure their chicken parm would be well worth trying.

    2. 26 Beach has a chicken parm panini.

      1. Bay Cities ROCKS. Not open on Mondays. Nosh is right, no waiting on the hot side.