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Oct 13, 2009 08:56 AM

Lunch near Laguardia Community College?

I've been working at Laguardia Community College for a while, and I know the area well enough to know there's good food 1-2 subway stops away in Sunnyside. But I don't have time to walk to Sunnyside or get on the subway, eat, and get back, so I'm hoping somebody has some recommendations I haven't seen yet? [Laguardia is located closest to the 33rd Street stop on the 7.] All I've found is a mediocre pizza place across the street and a (newer but only slightly more interesting) Jamaican Patty chain restaurant...


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  1. Arsi's Pateseria ( 39-39 47th Ave ) is a good walk.
    Great homemade spinach & cheese pies at a nice price.

    1. Don't overlook the street carts that sell the chicken or gyro over rice. Most of those guys are afghani or pakistani and have some good marinated chicken. I like the green sauce they put on top too. My regular teaching on Saturday is the cart in front of the C building. I actually look forward to lunch. That's about it.

      1. Demole in Sunnyside or I am Thai delivers to any of the laguardia buildings. Just call ahead with enough time. The Van Dam Diner actually has good home fries.

        1. did you ever try petes grill on Q.B they have good food and they deliver to the college. I work at the college also. I work the over night shift.

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            i've never tried them, and read a few scathing reviews here on chowhound and elsewhere, what is good there that you get?

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              so far everything I had was good I really like their burgers, brisket sandwhich was good the 1st time i had one it was on the dry side last time was good breakfast plates were good I also liked the appitizer sampler think it was chicken fingers, chicken wings, zucchin sticks and motzerella cheese sticks. club sandwhiches are good like I said I liked everything I had their so far. and the staff is friendly and the place is so clean if i go their for lunch they are always cleaning the place is nice