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thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant

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I am looking for a local restaurant for 15 of us to eat out Thanksgiving dinner. Something reasonable ($50/person). Any suggestions?

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  1. Last year I was looking for a restaurant for a Thanksgiving dinner that was not a traditional turkey, sweet potato, cranberry etc. dinner.
    We chose Buddha Bar on Little W 12th St and had a great meal. You will have to check to see if they are serving again this Thanksgiving.
    Any other suggestions? We'd like to try someplace different this Thanksgiving.

    1. http://cibonyc.com/page/1qm6p/Holiday...

      1. Every year NY Mag does a Thanksgiving special including caterers and restaurants that are open etc.

        2007 - http://nymag.com/guides/holidays/than...
        2008 - http://nymag.com/guides/holidays/than...

        1. this looks to have a pretty good up to date list with details:

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            Exactly what we needed, many thanks!!