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Oct 13, 2009 08:36 AM

Pittsburgh puzzler...

Hi everyone,

I am traveling to Pittsburgh for a three-day business trip with better half in tow. We like everything from classical yankee through euro and ethnic eats. We are considering eating at Lydia's, and would love to hear your thoughts on that place. On the other hand, i have often had some of my best meals at small personally recommended places. Care to share your thoughts on where we can go for dinner on Sunday and Monday and possibly a lunch on Tuesday (in about 2 weeks)? Although I understand that Pittsburgh is famous for sandwitches, I would rather not have sandwitches - unless of course there is something very very very special about them.....

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You don't say the area where you'll be staying or if you have transportation. Makes a difference.

    1. Try Tamari in lawrenceville, check out website...Dish on the south side is wonderful...The Carlton has the best wine list in the city. Lydia's isn't a bad choice, not my first personally. Have fun!

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        Yaya is correct--give us an idea of your location and travel means as Pgh is not an easy place to navigate. You can't go wrong with Lidia's as it is one of the better all around places in the Burgh. On the same street, Smallman, you will also find Eleven (really nice upscale restaurant, kind of pricey and might be a good lunch option if cost is an issue) and Kaya (smallish place with great food with a Caribbean twist).

      2. I would recommend the 17th Street Cafe in the South Side. They have great Italian fare and a nice cozy atmosphere. I've always loved dining there.

        1. Let me take a stab at this, anyway. What has been mentioned already is good. Also downtown for great dining are Nine on Nine and Sonoma Grille. Really good and Sonoma Grille specializes in California wines.

          If you are able to be more adventuress in getting around, there are a couple of good places that don't get much play on these boards. One is Bistro 19 in Mt. Lebanon. The other is Bado's Cucina in McMurray. Don't confuse this with Bado's Pizza. Bado's is a BYOB. You get to meet the famous state owned liquor store system.

          sonoma grill pittsburgh

          1. I've always really enjoyed the Sunday brunch at Lidia's. it's around $20/person and includes one mimosa or bloody mary, make sure you make reservations.