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Oct 13, 2009 08:20 AM

Help with Fussy Foodie Friend

I am expecting a visit from a friend who loves Austin and especially loves the restaurant/organic/local food movement here. She is, however, on a limited budget and we have already decided that we will try to limit our dining to reasonably-priced destinations. Last year I took her to the downtown Farmer's Market and to Kerby Lane for some locally raised chow. This year I thought we might try some of the new trailer food as I understand that some of it is organic. If I were to choose places I would go with local dives that offer food that one may not find elsewhere but I feel obliged to take our guest's preferences into account. For example, I took another out of towner to the Texas Chili Parlor and later to Hut's but these places probably don't offer grass fed beef. Also, she would like to try and visit one of the local farms...I found the name of one of the goat farms on this board and may try to go there. Thanks for any help you may offer!

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  1. You can try Boggy Creek Farm. They have a farm stand on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and have some great produce and local cheese and meats in the barn, and some gorgeous free-roaming chickens.

    For dining out, you can try East Side Cafe. The use local food, and even grow some of their own produce in their on-side garden that you can check out before or after your meal.

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      thank you for these two suggestions. i have wanted to try east side cafe and will google the location of boggy creek. i appreciate your input.

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        I took a ride over to the eastside and found boggy creek farm. looks like a great destination for saturday morning after the farmer's market.

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          i'd go to Boggy creek first. They tend to sell out quick

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            I agree. I've been there during fig season when they open, and they sell out by the time I get to the table. It's wonderful to visit, but do get there early.

      2. The brand new Sprouts Market in Round Rock might be good too

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          yes i went to the new sprouts on bee cave road and found that i was a few weeks early. now that i think of it, that store may be opening in a few days and would be a good food destination. i ended up at the one down south on brodie lane and was expecting more of a trader joe's but found some great deals. thanks very much.

        2. Hut's does actually offer grass-fed beef options (and last time I tried it, it was amazing).

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            ok great, i usually have the bison. maybe hut's would be a good chowdown. thanks

          2. the Texas French Bread Rio Grande location has started a farm to table dinner series featuring local fare from area farms. the menu changes weekly:

            1. The renovations at Wheatsville Co-op are complete and it's turned into quite a nice place. They have added some nice prepared food options to go with their selection of local and organic produce, dairy, cheese, and meat.