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Oct 13, 2009 08:11 AM

Best pizza ever!

Sorry for the hyperbolic thread title, but this thread deserves your attention (imho, of course!).

Like most of the upscale pizza places, Co. has been somewhat controversial on this board. It has many fans, but many others question the hype. My gf and I have been fans since it opened, with my gf declaring their "birds nest" pizza -- shaved asparagus and quail eggs -- to be the best pizza she's ever eaten. (The birds nest is not currently on the menu.)

After not eating there for some time, we decided to hit Co. last night, and had our best Co. meal ever. We shared the radicchio salad -- a wonderfully simple salad of radicchio. sliced mushrooms and silky mozzarella in a balsamic vinaigrette -- and their current special pizza, which they call a "charcuterie pizza": sauerkraut, bechamel, three kinds of cheeses, three kinds of German sausage, and dijon mustard. This pizza was extraordinary -- a cross between the best pizza I've ever had and the best hot dog I've ever had. (Ignore that last reference if it's too lowbrow for you, but it certainly had the elements of a great hot dog!)

Even if you're not a Co. fan, if this pizza sounds at all appealing to you, I urge you to head over and give it a try.

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  1. thanks for the info! I have Co. on my short list of places to hit next time I visit NYC!

    1. I just went there for the first time on Saturday night. I wasn't expecting to be wow'ed since i had read all the reviews of people being "dissappointed". But I still wanted to try for myself. I thought the toppings were great but the crust was BLAH! I wanted something a little more crispy! Pictures here:

      Alphabet City Wine Co.
      100 Ave C, New York, NY 10009

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      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

        i have to agree with miki. found the ingredients to be excellent, the flavors bold. but as a "pizza,' this doesn't really cut it for me. maybe it's the crust, maybe the combination, but i didn't love the pies i got there on two visits.

        1. re: david sprague

          We tried Co. for the first time last week.

          We had the fennel and sausage pie. Quite burnt on the edge. When I questioned the waitress, she said it was supposed to be that way. No other pizzas were in my line of sight, so I had no way to verify, It's supposed be a "thin crust," but we've had pies with much thinner crusts. (Posto immediately comes to mind. ) Despite all this, I thought the crust had good flavor.

          With the exception of the small chunks of tasty sausage (of which there were not very many), the rest of the toppings kind of melded together so that there was little distinction of the individual flavors.

          Overall, this was a good pizza but not superior to others we've had.

          Photos here:

      2. Yes. I agree that this restaurant lives up to the hype! Co. and Keste both serve delicious, world class, Napoli pizza but the edge clearly goes to Co. for the upbeat ambiance and the terrific assortment of appetizers and beer. On our last visit we tried three different appetizers served on their famed toast. The eggplant and bean appetizers were in the same class as the pizza. Our kale appetizer though,was good but not great. I tried one of the micro brew beers and was equally wowed. It was dark with a chocolate taste. Must try the soup on our next visit.
        The meatball pizza was almost perfect. It just needed more of those delicious veal meatballs. I would recommend the plain Margarita pizza above all, on a first visit. The fennel pie was way to heavy on the fennel.
        I couldn't help but try the chocolate cake dessert. It was more like the most delicious brownie I've ever had. Waiter recommended it with gelatto and he was so right! Memorable. If I am anywhere in the area, Co. is my number one choice for a great lunch. Looks like the magnificent kung pao chicken at Grand Sichuan International (directly across the street from Co.) will be put on hold for some time. Decisions, decisions....

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        1. re: budinado

          I glad you mentioned the waiter ...

          Although my gf and I have liked Co. since our first visit, the service has always been a weak spot, ranging from indifferent to downright bad. But our experience on our last visit was the complete opposite; we had GREAT service: an upbeat, friendly and very helpful waiter.

          1. re: budinado

            I've found Co. to be hit or miss -- sometimes the dough is not up to par. Another CH poster refered to it as "tarte"-like sometimes. Haven't been to Keste yet but used to go to UPN a lot.

            Can you compare to Motorino?

            1. re: kathryn

              kathryn, don't bother. Both Keste and Motorino are significantly better, IMHO.

              My wife and I had a thoroughly mediocre meal at Co a few weeks ago. We both left thinking it is not a place we would tell people they must try.

              1. re: a213b

                Funny how that works because I think Co. is infinitely better than Keste. I've only been to each place once, but I found the Co. pie MUCH more flavorful without the gross sogginess of the Keste pie.

                1. re: Slob

                  I know, right!

                  I think we all realize that a place can have an off night, and my hope is that was the case for our visit to Co. (and yours to Keste). Coming from LA, though, Co. seemed to be a much lesser version of Pizzeria Mozza, which I love ... it just did not have it together in terms of sauce and crust. Is the Margherita not the way to go there?

                  Our Keste experience was the opposite of yours; super flavorful, not soggy at all (which I did experience at the old UPN). Maybe there's a lot of variability to pizza? I wouldn't think so, but I'm certainly no pizzaiola.

                  1. re: a213b

                    Have you tried Motorino yet? It's a little wet as well, and the crust isn't as puffy as Mozza, but the toppings and sauce are quite good.

                    1. re: kathryn

                      Yes, that's what I was saying upthread ... I found both Motorino and Keste to be quite superior to Co.

                      But, there are many who enjoy Co. quite a bit, so my experience may not be indicative ... as always I will offer my standard refrain that it might just have been an off night.

                      We did hit Otto last night after a show, and it was quite good (the carbonara in particular was outstanding!).

          2. Would love to know how folks think Co. compares to Di Fara and Lucali? Worth the drive to Brooklyn?