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Oct 13, 2009 07:34 AM

dinner between U. of GA and Atlanta airport or at airport?

I'm coming to a meeting at UGA from NY. I leave campus at 2, have been told to block out 2-3 hours for driving and have a 7:40 flight back. So I probably have 1-2 hours for a meal somewhere, Any ideas?

All cuisines are fine. It doesn't have to be upscale although if there is a not-to-be-missed upscale, I could do that. But with the driving and then flight, I wouldn't be able to enjoy too many fine wines or whatever!

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  1. Its more like an an hour and 30 minutes, maybe 2 hours at the most, from Athens to the Atlanta Airport. If it were me, I'd have a late lunch/early dinner in Athens, and leave about 4:00 for the airport.

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    1. re: bbqdawg

      I would do the opposite and get to Atlanta by 4. Eat in midtown near the interstate..avoid the traffic.
      Not many places are open at that time, but there are a few. I'm sure there are more.
      Room at Twelve (bar and light fare)
      Lobby at Twelve
      FAB (French American Brasserie)
      Peasant Bistro
      STATS or Dantannas (upscale bars)

    2. Driving in Atlanta is a nightmare, even for a New Yorker, so get as close as you can to the airport to avoid stress. The Feed Store in College Park is about 5 minutes form the airport and has very good upscale Southern food.

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        Feed Store doesn't open until 5.

      2. You need to leave from your ATL dining location 3 hours before flight time.

        Two that could work are:
        1. Fox Brothers BBQ
        2. Tasty China (Sichuan)

        Both are a 'taste of Atlanta'. Tasty China is arguably as good as Sichuan food gets in the US. This assumes not Monday, as that is the main chef's day off. Fox Brothers are noted for two things: ribs, and the Thursday short rib special which often carries forward a few days. If you leave either one by say 4:30, you will be at the airport in max 1 hour--with a full hour of 'slack'.

        Let us know what works!

        PS--Tasty China is BYOB.