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Oct 13, 2009 06:10 AM


Hi there I just recently moved to the Halfiax region from Ontario. I was wondering if anyone could tell me, where is the best place to buy fresh seafood at a reasonable price. Whether it be right from the fisherman or at a market. Where are the best places to go and are there any hidden fishing villages to get it? Willing to travel to get the best at fair prices. Thanks in advance for your time!

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  1. I buy my fish and seafood from Mike's at the Halifax Farmer's market. Definitely the freshest fish around. As for's about half the price you'd pay in Ontario for most fish. (I know this from recent experience).

    1. I buy at Sambro Fisheries in Sambro. They supply a lot of the restaurants in Halifax, and from what I've heard, Mike's also sources some of their fish from Sambro. Prices are extremely reasonable, you are strongly recommended to call in advance as a lot of their stock is sold before it's gutted, filleted and packed.

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        You can usually get it cheaper if you don't specify what type of fish you want. Just say fish protein. I'm not sure where the lobster pounds are near Halifax, but there is one near Annapolis Royal: R&R Shellfish 902.532.7301 call 1st for hours and what's in stock. Cash only, I think that's the norm. Or you can get a hackle, rubber boots and onion sack and dig for some softshell clams when the tide is out. It is hard work though. I tried once and in 25mins I got 15 clams, residents are allowed up to 200 clams per day with no license I'm told. The clammer digger beside me got 123 in the same time. Oh yeah, around July it's not safe to eat the clams so ask 1st. I think natural resources can steer you to where the open areas are. Good luck.