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Oct 13, 2009 04:57 AM

Best hamburger in Paris?

I know the title of this post sounds ridiculous, but patience, please. I've lived in France for a long time, but I occasionally have . . . cravings. So does anyone have a suggestion or two for a burger I might try during my next trip to the capital? Thanks so much for taking this request seriously..

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  1. While I find claims that Californian Chinese are more authentic than French ones ridiculous, I think that point would be well made about hamburgers. In any case, there are decent burgers, if probably very french-ised to be had in this town. One star is the pdg on rue de Ponthieu, that uses buns from the MOF baker Laclos (le Quartier du Pain). Another star, maybe more authentic and ridiculously packed all the time is the Coffee Parisien rue Princesse.

    There was a special from le Figaroscope on that very topic a couple of years ago, let's search and see if we can find it.

    PS-- I totally understand your cravings. I make my burgers at home.

    1. Le Castiglione (235 St. Honore) has a "Facon Casti" cheeseburger that is quite good; it will set you back 21 Euros. Joe Allen has a decent burger at 17 Euros.

      1. My favourite, although I haven't tried many is Ferdi, 32 rue Mont Thabor, 75001.
        It has been mentioned in various magazines/newspapers as "the best burger in Paris".

        Their double bacon cheeseburger (named MacArthur I believe) is approx. EUR18, with fries costing extra.

        I also enjoyed the one at Coffee Parisien.

        1. As always I agree with Soup: at home.
          Not at Floors in the 18th or Razowski's in the 1st according to Richard Hesse in last week's Paris Update.
          Hamburgers, like pizza, have no place in France.
          You want different, have sushi.

          John Talbott

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          1. re: John Talbott

            « Hamburgers, like pizza, have no place in France. »

            BS. What is that even supposed to mean in a country that is the number 2 consumer of McDonalds after the US, and the number 2 consumer of pizza in Europe?

            « You want different, have sushi. »

            It's no easier to find good sushi than it is a good hamburger or pizza.

            1. re: tmso

              There is such a thing as a good burger, and theoretically good food has its place in France.
              But alas, France is not known for doing others' food well. Hence no good burger, no good tex-mex, no good sandwich, no good [fill-in-blank].

          2. I second Coffee Parisien. I'm a NYC-gal with a natural craving for burgers. Coffee Parisien is as good as any in NYC. Which is to say, a very very good burger. Be prepared for service that stinks...however, it's worth it.