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Oct 13, 2009 04:33 AM

Habs game on TV + decent food?

Brasserie Brunoise used to be my go-to, but now I'm at a loss. Where can one go, preferably downtown, to watch the game and get some decent grub? I've had Burgundy Lion suggested to me... while passable (barely) in the food arena, are there even enough screens to ensure unobstructed viewing? Any suggestions heartily appreciated.

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  1. My friends originally from the UK go to Burgundy Lion religiously to watch football - they love it. The screens in the picture I saw are very high up. And they like the food a lot too. Personally I've only had homemade chips (crisps) there and they were delicious, but I haven't had a full meal.

    Why not try it once and see what you think?

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      Thanks for the reply. I've been to Burgundy Lion a couple of times and have found everything I've tried (curries, burger, even salad) to be paradoxically bland yet oversalted. However, if your friends go there religiously for footie then I'm sure the viewing setup will be more than adequate for our purposes. I'll go for the crisps too ;)

      1. re: mtb

        I hope it serves your purposes! I think my friends usually have a late breakfast while they watch, given the timing of the UK footie games, but hopefully you can find something decent in the evenings too... I hear the fish and chips are good.

    2. i personally like Station des sports due to the very cheap booze and decent pub food. Unfortunately, it's a very popular spot and you need to arrive 1 to 2 hours before the puck drops

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        La Boite a Karaoke a couple doors down, lots of screens, oversize pitchers, and you can order from the same menu - they're owned by the same guy (Ste Catherine & du Fort).

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I have not been, but Bar&Boeuf on McGill st. in Old Montreal has a television and plays the games. It was reviewed quite positively in last Saturday's La Presse, with one of the few negative points being the presence of said TV. It does not serve "bar" food, however...

          1. I recommend La Cabane (3872 St-Laurent/Napoléon). Unless it's changed in the past year, it definitely fits the bill ... good food, tv sets everywhere, cold beer, casual and relaxed atmosphere and, on game night at least, it's a busy place without being over-crowded. As long as your a Canadiens fan, you'll fit right in.

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            1. re: red sauce

              Thanks for the reco, I've never heard of La Cabane, I may very well check it out. And yes, I'll be decked out in my bleu-blanc-rouge best, so no worries there ;)

              1. re: mtb

                I crossed La Cabane off my "decent food" list some time ago, so I'm curious to hear what it's like these days. It's basically pub grub with a still perceptible Portuguese heritage.

                In that neck of the woods I'd choose the Copacabana, about a block north of Cabane. The TVs are kind of high up and there won't necessarily be a whole lot of people paying close attention to the game, but they do show the game and the food is very good.

                The bar has a small kitchen that it rents out to a separate business, currently a nominally Indian outfit called Scratch Cuisine. It's really not much like any Indian food I've had elsewhere, whether old-school Canadianized Indian or Jean-Talon authentic, but it is tasty and inexpensive. And the yuca fries rock.

                1. re: Mr F

                  Copa is better than Cabane for food, but it doesn't have a single big screen. Anyway, I better head out myself if I'm gonna get a seat for gametime...

                  1. re: Mr F

                    I was just about to suggest Copacabana as well. If memory serves me correctly, Scratch Kitchen is something that Nantha Kumar had his hands in back in the day, so you'll see lots of Indonesian and Malaysian influences in the food. Their platters are some of the most tasty curries I've had. A typical plate will have rice/pilaf, nicely grilled veg, a choucroute or cabbage salad, and the main curry/grilled shrimp/etc. I also recommend the yuca fries, though sometimes you can taste the freezer burn, unfortunately. They have specials from time to time; I still think back fondly about the time they served skate wing curry.

                    Scratch opens at 6pm, closes at 11pm, I think.

                    They have a large projection screen in the back behind the pool table, but I prefer the nicely sized HD they have in the middle of the bar. Not too crowded on a weeknight, but on weekends you can expect an influx of the student crowd, game or no game.

                    1. re: blehfu

                      Nantha Kumar used to rent that same space, but AFAIK there's no other connection with Scratch...

                      1. re: Mr F

                        i believe blehfu was refering to the restaurant "Scratch Kitchen" ( not "le Scratch", the pool hall.

                        1. re: mak2k

                          Mr F and bleffu are both talking about the same place. Mr F never made a reference to Le Skratch.