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Oct 13, 2009 03:18 AM

Where should I store oatmeal? Location, not type of container.

I'll be getting 5 pounds of oatmeal from my co-op. I put rice in the freeze successfully, it doens't separate. Can I put oatmeal in too? I eat it slowly and this may be 6 months supply and I don't want bugs. Thanks.

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  1. Correction: I meant the rice kernals stay separate, don't freeze together.

    1. the oats will hold up well int he freezer, you don't have to worry about it sticking together. just be sure to seal it *very* well so that you don't get any moisture or freezer burn in there.

      1. Think about it. Quaker Oats are processed, packaged, shipped and stored in supermarkets for months at room temperature. I have stored containers for a few months in my basement successfully without freezing. Additionally, it saves the cost of electricity.

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          They are unprocessed oats, a larger amount than I usually get so I would be keeping them a long time. So far, a pound or two has been fine in an original Quaker cylinder.

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            Putting well sealed grain in the freezer isn't going to use any additional electricity besides what little it takes to chill them from room temp to freezer temp when they are first put in. After that, they would actually help the freezer work better, as a full freezer is more efficient.

            To Queeks- I personally don't freeze my whole grains, as I would need another deep freezer since I buy mine in 25, 50 & 100 pound quantities. I am more cautious with my oat groats, as they are softer & seem to absorb more from the air (its very humid here in the summer). Personally, if your rice has been in the freezer for more then a couple weeks, the cold has killed off any bugs that may have come with it. If freezer space is at a premium, transfer the rice to sealed storage container and keep your oat groats in the freezer to keep the natural oils in them from going rancid. Oat groats seem to be a little more susceptible to rancidity because of their higher fat levels & the loss of their outer hull layer to make them edible for humans. BTW- if your oat groats are really pale in color, you may want to try toasting some in a dry pan to develop more flavor when you go to use them- some oat groats come pre-toasted & some don't. I like the toasted better, whether I'm making it into oat flour for baking or making my own rolled oats.

          2. Yes, why would you need to freeze oats? They should keep fine in a cupboard for months.

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              depends where you live & how good the ventilation is in your storage area, kitchen or pantry. i just tossed 2 bags of rancid oats last week because i had them stored in the closet next to my kitchen and it got pretty warm in there over the summer because i couldn't justify keeping the A/C cranked 24/7.

            2. I live in NC, where it stays humid about 7-8 months out of the year. I freeze or refrigerate my flour, cornmeal, and oats because I've thrown away these things previously due to mealy bugs. I even tried putting these items in a can with a lid, but it didn't help so I'll stick with the cold....I have 2- three pound bags of oats going in the deep freezer tomorrow....