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Oct 13, 2009 12:38 AM


can someone please explain to me the difference..between normal chicken and fowl chicken?

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  1. most butchered chicken for sale is pretty young. "fowl" usually designates an adult bird.

    1. What about stewing chickens? Is it an actual designation by age and weight, or just a general description?

      1. Fowl is a word for birds in general ~~~ Game fowl/Land fowl....Doves, pigeons, quail, pheasant, partridges, wild turkey etc. ~~~ Water Fowl....Ducks, and geese. ~~~ Domestic fowl (poultry) any of the birds kept by man for meat or eggs... Including, chickens, ducks geese, turkeys, quail, guinea, pheasant, etc. ~~~ HTH