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Jan 18, 2005 06:47 PM

Westside Indian

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I am looking for the best Indian Food on the Westside. Please help!
I've been to Bombay on Pico... that place is so over rated!

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    1. re: ab

      Agreed. Akbar is consistent and really tasty. The delivery usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour (we live outside radius), but it's worth it. Their Prawns Madras and Lamb Vindaloo always hit the spot. They also have a spice meter of sorts - so you can get your food really spicy (or not if that's not your thing). Amabla Dhaba (sp?) on Westwood Bl and Santa Monica Bl. is also very tasty. However, not all that spicy (even when I stress that I want it spicy). The flavor of the food is great. The Ludihana (sp?) chicken is fantastic as is the Dhaba shrimp. The staff is also very friendly.

      1. re: berrybrain

        berrybrain, have you tried the Phillidaur (sp?) chicken at Ambala Dhaba? That's the spiciest thing I've ever had there, and it was quite spicy (at least the day I had it).

        1. re: Alison B.

          I don't know - but I'll make a point of ordering it next time. Thanks!!

    2. That is the same as asking for the best Mexican food on the Westside. It is a very complicated answer. Please give us your preference of region of India, degree of your heat tolerance, fancy or simple, buffet or menu, expensive or reasonable. The choices are endless.

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      1. re: Just Larry

        I really know NOTHING about Indian food. I know I like really spicy food though! I'm sure that the best Indian food isn't the most expensive... Price doesn't matter... just as long as its good.
        I don't like buffets. I don't like mass produced food.
        As far as fancy or simple... I don't know.

        1. re: JeniH

          I think you will really enjoy Annapura (sp?) on Venice Blvd. It is on the South side of the street a few block East of Motor in a mini mall. Even when the buffet is served, you can also order from the menu. It was reviewed in the LA Times last Wednesday.

          The Clay Pit on Barrington just South of Sunset has very good food. My favorite is the Tandori Lamb Chops. Their Naan is very addictive.

          The hottest Indian food I have had on the westside is at India's Oven. I like it but my wife can't tolerate the heat.

          1. re: Just Larry

            Second Clay Pit. Their chicken tikka marsala is amazing. I love, love, love, love this place. They also deliver!!!!

      2. Ambala Dhaba is a perennial 'hound favorite, on Westwood Blvd. just north of Santa Monica. Here's a link to a thread from last year. There haven't been too many comments of late -- perhaps now is time for an update? The last time I visited (about 9 or so months ago), it was as good as ever.

        Ambala Dhaba
        1781 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
        (310) 966-1772


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        1. re: DanaB

          Actually, one of the last postings on Ambala was about how inconsistant the food was. The parking is also an issue as they have none. Some have mentioned very slow service or unhelpful counter people on occasion. The food was quite good, small portions and slow service. I still would have gone back if not for the lack of parking.

          1. re: Just Larry

            You can park on the bottom level of Ross's Department Store, a couple of doors up the street.

            1. re: Just Larry

              Yeah, although the food can be quite good, I've been disappointed with both the food, service and esp the prices since they remodelled.

          2. I realize it's not on the "Westside", however I vote India's Grill in the Minimall on San Vicente/La Cienega as my favorite.

            It's not refined, cutting edge indian, but everything is tasty.

            And, very important, the portions on togo/delivery orders are double the size of the restaurant orders.


            1. Our favorite is New India Grill on Westwood Bl. - across from Border's. It's really good authentic "homestyle" Indian. We try to stay away from "fusion" (Bombay Cafe) or "healthy" (Pradeep's) when it comes to Indian.

              Great food, great service, great lunch buffet. The owner is very friendly and always remembers us. I can't reccomend it enough.

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              1. re: Ashly

                Could you explain a bit more what you mean by 'homestyle' Indian? What dishes do you normally get?


                1. re: Ashly

                  Totally agree Ashly on New India Grill. I've enjoyed it for years. I usually order standard american favorites there (masalas, saag paneer, tandooris, naan and puri breads) and am always very happy. But you also mentioned what I most enjoy, the personal and friendly service. If you go there more than a few times, the owner will remember you, which I find to be very endeering.

                  Besides New India Grill, I think Chandni Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Santa Monica is my next favorite. I'm not vegetarian, but my wife is, and that is one of the only vegetarian restaurants that I've ever been to where you don't notice that the menu is vegetarian, it's all just so good.