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Oct 12, 2009 08:43 PM

Butcher in Honolulu

I am looking for a real butcher in Honolulu. I want to find someone that I could order veal bones or specialty cuts from. My search so far found that the supermarkets here cannot help me. Any ideas?

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  1. Whole Foods in Kahala sells beef marrow bones by the pound and will cut them for you if you ask nicely. As for "specialty cuts" or whole-animal or whole primal cuts...good luck. They did offer a flatiron steak awhile ago but were clueless when I asked about hanger or even skirt steaks. Try contacting local cattle ranches directly like Kulana and Pu'u o Hoku. Y Hata Restaurant Supply might have veal bones (for stock) but you probably have to buy them in bulk.

    If you're looking for offal, try Chinatown or even Don Quixote or the Market City Foodland. I've seen beef cheeks, pork jowls (listed as "pork face"), beef tripe, beef tongue, beef heart, pork kidneys and other gems there.

    There are VERY few "real" butchers left anywhere in the US anymore, let alone on our little island of O'ahu. Your best bet may be to get Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Cookbook and raise and butcher your own meat...

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I will need to make a trip to Whole Foods and give Y Hata a call. I also did a bit of research and found a few possibilities and figured you guys might be interested as well.

      Anyone have any experience with Aala Meat Market ( or Young's Meat Market.

      Also found an older article from Wanda Adams on the subject

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        I have scoured Oahu for real beef skirt steak. I live in Chinatown and trust me there is no beef skirt steak to be had here. I did find a wholesale butcher who would sell 30lb boxes of frozen skirt steak. He sells it primarily to the upper scale Korean restaurants.

        I haul back frozen skirt steak from the mainland now. I go to Tucson often and every supermarket has it for less than $5/lb.

        1. re: aloha_bob

          Costco on the mainland sells real skirt steak. Can't say for sure about Honolulu.

      2. re: wavsurfer

        i think you can order primal cuts from north shore cattle company (grass fed beef). they're at the saturday morning KCC farmers market. and i also think you can order specialty cuts from them as well.

        1. re: da_seuss

          I've ordered from them and sent boxes of their marvelous meats as gifts for friends. Here on Oahu they'll deliver free with $75.00 or more order. My dogs love their stew meat
          and beef shanks.

      3. Have seen North Shore cattle company at local farmers' markets, including Kailua, but they aren't the only local source. A rancher on Molokai offers package deals, but only contact I knowf is through Slow Food Oahu.