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Oct 12, 2009 08:26 PM

Rave for Taco Grill - E. Oakland

Just had a fantastic lunch at Taco Grill right by the Fruitvale BART station. I live in the neighborhood and have always been somewhat disappointed by the Mexican restaurants - I've tried the combo plates and the monster who fried fish and frankly I'm a bit bored. Until today.

We had the chicken posole and it was the best I've ever had AND it was made with Rocky free range chicken. The broth was just slightly spicy and really well-flavored and came with tons of sides/condiments to put in. The taco was made with Niman ranch pork and used one of their delicious homemade tortillas. Also tried the relleno and enjoyed that too. Even the tamarindo was stellar.

The woman who took our orders came to check and see if we liked the food and she really seemed happy that we were pleased with the meal. Can't wait to return.

Taco Grill
3340 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601

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  1. I usually get the red pork pozole there and it is super. It's nice to be able to get good Mexican food without having to close one's eyes to the quality of the meat.

    1. I really enjoyed my lunch last week at Taco Grill too. Already looking forward to the next time I'm in the area. I loved my crispy tacos, and for the quality of the meat, I think $5.95 for three tacos was quite a reasonable price to pay. The chicken and carnitas tacos stood out to me. What also impressed me was that I didn't feel greasy/heavy from the food.

      1. Thinking about going for dinner tonight.

        Any other dishes of note here besides the pozoles and the tacos? Anyone tried their other soups - the albondigas or the caldo de pollo? I'm wondering how the caldo de pollo might compare to Otaez's, which I love.

        Also, what are the portion sizes like? Would the pozole (or other soups) be a good size for two people to share as an appetizer? Otaez's is such a big portion that I can hardly finish it as an entree for one.

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          Well, we had a good meal at Taco Grill. Between the two of us we sampled the red pork pozole, the chicken crispy tacos, and a couple of carnitas tacos. Everything was tasty, and I appreciated the tenderness and juiciness of all the meats -- with the chicken that was especially impressive.

          I think I might still be partial to the pozole at Otaez, but this was a very good version. Loved all the fatty, gelatinous bits. I'm curious about the white version with lengua, which they were out of tonight.

          Great little spot.

            1. re: sydthekyd

              I think it is white, though it might be a green chili broth. The website doesn't have the full descriptions, so I can't figure out which pozole is the one with lengua. Anyone know?

        2. Taco Grill is my new favorite. They have seriously good crispy potato tacos. SERIOUSLY. It is a good thing they are not just down the street, because I am hooked. The taco salad is excellent too and it is so nice to have so many vegetarian options. The salsas are wonderfully fresh and delicious and the fresh-made chips are tasty and crisp. Everything is fresh and hand made and so very reasonably priced. Go Taco Grill!

          Taco Grill
          3340 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601

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          1. re: happenstance

            I just wanted to bump this up to reiterate what a gift Taco Grill is to the vegetarians or veggie-leaning people in Fruitvale. It is so wonderful to have a source of Mexican food that includes lard-free bean, rice and tortilla options, and so many fresh vegetables with delicious flavors. I am currently eating a delicious vegan lunch of their black beans, brown rice (with corn and cilantro, so good), grilled veggies and a just-made corn tortilla. Perfect.

            Taco Grill
            3340 E 12th St, Oakland, CA 94601

            1. re: milklady

              brown rice!! I'll be heading over there this weekend.
              thanks for posting

          2. Yes, I credit their red pozole de pollo for keeping me healthy all this last long winter. Not a single cold, I swear. Every time I thought I might be coming down with something, I went & got a bowl of pozole. It has healing powers! They say more people order the green pozole. I tried it once & it was good but I prefer the red.