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Oct 12, 2009 08:22 PM

best steaks in Oahu

I'm going to Oahu in November, and am looking for a great steak restaurant. Me being from Wisconsin, I like my meat! We are staying at the Royal Hawaiian, so any places in Honolulu would be great.

Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Not exactly sure who has the best but here are a few that I like.

    Ruth's Chris

    All of them are conveniently located in Waikiki and the first two are very near the Royal Hawaiian.

    1. Agree with the above. I like Hy's before Woflgang and Ruth Chris...

      1. DK Steakhouse gets good reviews, but I haven't been. Hy's is always good, an old standard. Ruth's Chris and Mortons are fine, but no different than what you are going to be getting at any of their restaurants anyplace else.

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          Like you, I hear great things about Hy's. The others are really "adult McDonalds" in my book. Even on the Mainland, I only dine there, when a host insists. Even if the wine list is handed to me, I have yet to really enjoy either. Besides, I have about 3 of each in Metro Phoenix, and avoid them here. Why would I go to either in Hawai`i?


        2. I've dined at DK Steakhouse and prefer this place to Ruth's Chris or Morton's. Hy's is also excellent.

          1. We thought the Yard House was very good. I believe it is downstairs from Ruth Chris on Lewers Street. I had the ribeye with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. It was awesome, and gluten-free for my wheat allergy. It's not far from the Royal Hawaiian--couple blocks maybe. Enjoy your time in Hawaii.