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Oct 12, 2009 08:14 PM

dim sum on baldwin

there are several chinese restaurants on baldwin (near mccaul). is there one that serves decent dim sum? i have been to rol san, bright pearl and sky dragon in chinatown, and the food is just ok. i'm looking for a place downtown, that is casual, inexpensive and has good traditional dim sum.

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  1. Try Yiu Wah Restaurant, it's on the third floor at 421 Dundas St W, it's on the south side of Dundas St. W between Huron and Beverley. I haven't been there in awhile. Usually go their for evening meals and they're decent.

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      Cheeser asked for "on Baldwin". There's a place called Kowloon on Baldwin near Beverly that serves dim sum, and probably Hua Sang and Wah Sing down the street (further west). Has anyone been to any of these?

      1. re: Teep

        I have only had 2 terrible dim sum meals at Kowloon and that was several years ago. Haven't had the desire nor recommendation to go back.

    2. Yung Sing (22 Baldwin) isn't exactly a dim sum place. It's actually a bakery, but on weekends offers siu mai and har gow etc, mainly for takeout. Delicious buns and fried treats, though.