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Oct 12, 2009 08:04 PM

Thoughts on Tasting Kitchen??

I am scheduled to go there for dinner on Friday and I wanted to hear from fellow Chowhounders about their recent experiences there. I am sure after the LA Times review it will be crowded.

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  1. We made it there one Sunday night a couple of months ago, a few weeks after they opened. On Sunday, they are doing a fixed menu, 4 course, for something like $35, family style so everyone at the table gets the same thing. A surprise for us, since we were expecting the regular menu, but we rolled with it. We sat on the patio which is big and was great.

    We had fried chicken for the entree, which was very nicely done, perfect for a Sunday night. We had issues (of course) b/c of allergies and non-meat eating, so they gracefully accomodated us and I think we did better than the regular menu with a great butter lettuce salad subbed for a meat or shrimp appetizer. All good ingredients and everything well executed. Dessert also good, and service was very friendly and casual but attentive. Not a fancy place at all, but warm and funky and perfect for Abbott Kinney.

    We liked it a lot and have tried to go back, but the wait was as long as for Gjelina one Sat night, so we went to Joe's instead and were able to walk in (fantastic, BTW, still going strong). I think you'll enjoy Tasting Kitchen - we'll be back for sure.

    1. only been there for drinks and apps. but it seems like a fun place and tasty food. really relaxed nice vibe.

      1. I went about 6 weeks ago.The food was very good but the restaurant was way too dark! I had to hold up the candle to read the menu, making me feel unsophisticated and old ladyish compared to all the other beautiful Venice women. :)
        I also thought they could do a better job on the wine list. I personally feel like there should always be a moderately priced bottle of wine on the list or a glass for around 10 $. The most affordable glass clocked in at 15$ and the most inexpensive bottle was 50$. Although I don't mind splurging on a nice meal, I hate feeling like I'm being ripped off on the wine.
        However, I liked their menu and the seasonal offerings. My husband LOVED his steak and after tasting it I wished I had ordered it too.
        Honestly, I would probably only go back if someone else was paying. I would rather go to Gjelina for my money.

        1. I also really enjoyed it. I had the milk braised farro and the cheese plate because I wasn't that hungry and both were tasty.