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Oct 12, 2009 07:55 PM

Zing in Indy

I just had my second best meal of the year (It is tough to beat Commanders Palace's Jazz Brunch on New Years Day). The restaurant serves eclectic small plates for sharing. From anti pasta trays with the best speck that has ever passed thru my lips. To a pinapple tamale with sauteed shrimp in a chipotle spinach alfredo to die for. Once you try the Zing Zing shrimp you will instantly order another. Located a short cab ride from the Convention Center. It is well worth the ride. The menu changes approximately every 2 months with many innovative additions each time. The chef even bakes his own graham crackers for his cheesecake crust. A must for all foodies when in Indy

543 Indiana Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

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  1. I completely agree with this! The pineapple tamale and zing zing shrimp were excellent. Also, the crab cakes were amazing, they had a good spicy kick and were cooked perfectly. The deserts were great, the best of which was the flourless chocolate cake. I went last Friday for my birthday and it drew rave reviews from everyone in our party. It is perfect for a large group, especially before heading out to the bars. The small plates allow you to order a little at the beginning and then just order more of the best options. We NEED more restaurants like this in Indy. Excellent service, inventive menu, and high quality. Thank you tmartinsbox for a great Indianapolis gem.

    1. The menu on their website at sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

      >> Located a short cab ride from the Convention Center.

      Huh? It's about six blocks away; you can walk it in ten minutes. I know West Street is a wide busy street, but gee whiz, unless it's drenching rain, why take a cab?

      1. Went here tonight. We found it very good overall, but with a major disappointment and given the high price point, didn't think it was excellent. Maybe it's because we just ate at Finch's in Bloomington last night. Whereas restaurants like Finch's focus on simplicity by highlighting the freshness of their ingredients, we found Zing's focused on flavor with complex sauces.

        The major disappointment was the polenta fries small plate. These were greasy, very heavy, and not flavorful. The accompanying curry ketchup was wonderful and we couldn't eat the fries without soaking them in the ketchup.

        The zing zing shrimp plate was excellent. However we felt like for $10 it should come with more than 4 shrimp. Our favorite was the shrimp wonton. However, be aware you get only two wontons for $9. We were also pleased with the pineapple tamale and warm mushroom salad. A close second favorite was the pumpkin cheesecake. The crust (described above) was amazing, and it came with a walnut on top and a wonderful chocolate sauce on the side. Unlike many flavored cheesecakes, we could taste both the pumpkin and the cheese. The mahi mahi tacos were good, too, but in this case we thought the siracaha-based sauce on the side wasn't at the same level as the other sauces.