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Oct 12, 2009 06:25 PM

Lüke for lunch

We had a wonderful meal there today - the jumbo Louisiana shrimp “en cocotte” (shrimp and grits) had so much flavor, we would have lifted the bowls and licked the pots clean. The bread came in handy to sop up all the andouille bits and rich garlicky sauce. The pig's feet appetizer was interesting, but the tartar sauce underneath was a little overpowering to the distinct flavor of the pork. The shrimp farci was delicious, full of chopped shrimp and crab and baked perfect. The Redfish Amandine was good, however they forgot the almonds, so it turned out to be meuniere - still delicious with super fresh thin haricot vert and tiny new potatoes. The homemade fries are perfect, I'll bet they would be fabulous with a side of cane vinegar instead of the usual ketchup. The bread pudding was scrumptious! Hot, cinnamony, FULL of sugared pecans, and topped off with a hint of sauce and flavorful vanilla ice cream, all we did while eating it was moan how good it was with each bite.

My only complaint, the coffee was cold and had bitter grounds in the bottom of the cup - they brought out more coffee, but the staff told me she had just made it with hot water. By the time it came out it was cold. Perhaps they should make a big batch of chicory drip coffee instead of on demand, many people here in New Orleans love their after meal coffee, and to serve what we had today is unacceptable.

Besh's new cookbook is for sale at his restaurants and it is absolutely beautiful - well worth the price. Between his new cookbook, and Donald Link's Real Cajun cookbook, both capture the essence of south Louisiana cooking.

The place emptied out soon after lunch and got real quiet, this would be a good place to dine between meals since its open 7am to 11pm.

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  1. You know, lots of people don't like Luke, but I've never had a bad meal there, one or two that weren't stellar, but I love that we have a place that serves all three meals--and that they are mostly wonderful. I still love it.

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      I love going there with friends to enjoy the cold seafood. It's refreshing to be able to eat a variety of oysters, cold lobster and shrimp. I just love it....

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        Not everything on the menu is fantastic, for me I didn't like the mixed grill, but the roast chicken is to die for. ch