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Oct 12, 2009 05:50 PM

Mong Kut Thai Gold, brief review

At 471 Danforth Ave, just west of Pape.

We had dinner here tonight. Ordered: 1) Sup Noa Mai. The menu describes this as a Northeast style salad. Bamboo shoots served warm with lots of funky fish sauce, lemon juice, coriander. and chili sauce. This was our favourite dish, a unique offering for Toronto. Sticky rice, listed as an ingredient in the menu description, was absent.
2)Kanom Jeen Num Ya Kai, A ground chicken yellow curry, served with noodles. This was an unremarkable but tasty enough curry. Decent level of heat. Needed a bit more noodles to wipe up the sauce.
3)Kua-Tiew Nuer, beef noodle soup. Worst dish of our meal. They forgot to add the flavour here, nothing like Sukhothai's similar named offering. A very meek broth, vermicelli noodles, chewy unseasoned beef, watery bok choi and mushrooms. I would not order this again.

Go for the unique dishes at the back of the menu. Prices were a little high I thought, at around $10+ per dish. I'm craving Sukhothai now.

Mong-Kut Thai
596 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1R1, CA

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  1. You've got the correct address, but MKT Gold is just west of Logan. The map to the right shows the original location which is also still open. I've never tried this newer spot, but it almost always looks empty.

    1. Regarding the sticky rice, I think the problem is that you may not have understood what the menu meant by "roasted sticky rice blend"; I suspect that by this, they meant that toasted, ground sticky rice was mixed into the salad to give it a bit of a crunchy textural element (which is quite common amongst Thai salads and you would not have been able to visually identify the rice), and did not mean that actual cooked sticky rice would be present. I can see how this would be confusing from the menu description to anyone not very familiar with Thai salads; perhaps Mong Kut might consider clarifying this so that this misunderstanding does not become commonplace.

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      1. re: vorpal

        The roasted rice is only used in the Lao salads of Issan (Northeast Lao speaking provinces.) So it is in all "laab" dishes, but I've never seen it in a pure Thai salad ("yam"). Many Thai restaurants in Thailand serve Issan food.

        1. re: koknia

          Exactly...real Thai dishes do not use roasted rice, which is actually a tell-tale sign of Lao cuisine that is not only popular in Laos, but popular in the Lao-speaking regions of Thailand as well.

          "Sup Noa Mai" is a very traditional Lao bamboo dish so of course it should be eaten with sticky rice (Lao-style steamed rice).

          p.s. "Yam"/"Yum-type salads are not actually Thai at all but refer to certain salads from Laos and Lao-speaking regions of Thailand.