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Oct 12, 2009 05:37 PM

Yorkville Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant in the Yorkville area for October 17th to celebrate my first anniversary. We're staying at the Windsor Arms and wonder what might be the best place to go? Should we stay in and eat at Prime in the restaurant or walk up the street to Yorkville? Definitely looking for something in walking distance.

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  1. I can list some of the classier restaurants (none conducive to a student budget :P ) Just search on the boards

    Yorkville and Area:

    Manyata & Spice Room
    Le Trou Normand -
    Cafe Nervosa -
    Zin - where BOBA used to be
    One Restaurant - Mark McEwen's new one at Hazelton HOtel
    Harbord St:
    Tati BIstro -
    93 Harbord -
    Harbord House -
    Messis -
    Splendido - same guys as Nota Bene

    1. Can you give more information on what kind of food, atmosphere, and budget would be appropriate?

      In addition to meatnveg's suggestions you might consider Mistura or L'Unita. Both are about a 15 minute walk from your hotel Both are also Italian, although L'Unita has a more neighbourhood-vibe (granted it's an upscale nabe) while Mistura is a bit more formal (even slightly corporate). I really like both places.

      1. If you want somewhere outside of the Windsor Arms I think your best alternatives would be Il Posto
        Next would be Opus and third
        Mistura Both of these latter two would be fine to walk to but I would take a taxi back.

        1. We just had a great meal at Mistura recently. Pretty formal restaurant, but even though we were underdressed, the service was excellent. Some of the dishes we enjoyed were the grilled octopus, lamb rib appetizer, and wild boar agnolotti.

          Happy Anniversary!