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Jan 18, 2005 04:04 PM

Beggar's Chicken?

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With the recent post in San Francisco about Beggar's Chicken, I got a sudden urge to try the dish again. But being in Los Angeles now, I have yet to come across a menu that included the Beggar's chicken. Are there any restaurants that serves this dish preferably in clay or mud? Or if you have any leads to a secret menu at restaurants that offers this item, please share!

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  1. Charming Garden (aka Shiang Garden) Restaurant
    111 N. Atlantic Blvd.
    Monterey Park

    Yunnan Garden (formerly Hua's Garden)
    301 N Garfield Ave
    Monterey Park

    1. When I ate at a jiangzhe/huaiyang place in the bay area, I was told that there was a problem with the clay in this country as far as making sure there was no trace arsenic. In China, she knew her suppliers could get her "clean" clay. So there's the toxicity issue.

      If you want something similar, Lake Spring Garden has FuGui Ji (as opposed to Zhaohua Ji). It's a whole chicken, stuffed as for beggars chicken (you can ask for the lotus seeds as well) wrapped in leaves and then baked. If you want to ask if a restaurant will do it special order, I suggest limiting yourself to a Jiang-zhe restaurant. Here are a few suggestions
      219 E GARVEY AVE

      301 W VALLEY BLVD 112

      1390 S FULLERTON RD #101

      727-729 E VALLEY BLVD

      1. Anyone have any updated suggestions to find Beggar's Chicken in the LA area? Number for Charming Garden is disconnected, and Yunnan Garden is closed Mon-Wed, so couldn't get any info. I have heard that you can get it at Chi Dynasty in Los Feliz as a special request with a few days' notice. Can anyone confirm?

        Chi Dynasty
        2112 Hillhurst Ave
        Los Angeles
        (323) 667-3388

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          LOL, the resurrection of an ancient thread! Seeing the faithfull hard-core -- prior to avatars -- dispensing sagely wisdom.

          I bet Chang's Garden in Arcadia will do it and do it well! But call first.

          1. re: Ciao Bob

            Yeah, back in the pre-avatar days my board handle was still two-words.

            And you're right, Chang's will have it, and might also want to try Macau Street, which will offer a nouveau version of Beggar's Chicken.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Thanks for the suggestion. I've heard good things about Chang's Garden, but haven't tried it yet. I'll call them to confirm next week -- I won't even attempt it until Monday, because with today being the Chinese New Year, they'll be mobbed through the weekend..

              1. re: no1barack

                Please report back. I have really enjoyed about half-a-dozen meals there. Both the beef Rolls and the spare-ribs/rice in lotus leaf that Mr. J. Gold mentions in his piece were highly memorable.

          2. re: no1barack

            I believe Green Village in San Gabriel (on Valley) has this as part of one of their set menus. We tried it about a year ago and I quite liked it. The waiter who served us asked us what we thought of the dish - he said everytime the kitchen made one for the staff to try, it would be ordered by paying customers and they never got to sample one.

            1. re: ciaochow

              Soooooo, did we ever hear how the Beggar's Chicken was? I had a friend who tried it in Hong Kong recently and would like to surprise her with it here in LA. Also, if you had it, how much was it? how much notice did you have to give??
              Thaks a bunch