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Oct 12, 2009 05:08 PM

Looking for Doughnuts - Berkshires, Southern Vermont, and Near Bradley Airport CT

I'll be spending some time in New England, landing at Bradley airport, making my way to the Berkshires for a few days, then up to Manchester, which we will use as a base to just drive the countryside and look at leaves. I'm looking for good (great) doughnuts! Not Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, but local places.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Mrs. Murphy's Donuts in Southwick, MA is not far from Bradley Intl. Probably the best donuts in the Hartford Springfield area (IMO).

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    1. re: Lee Gordon

      I second that. Excellent doughnuts.

      1. re: jquest619

        Third - they are what doughnuts should be - nice and crunchy on the outside, not too sweet, and only put you in a mild coma after one or three. I don't think I've had the yeast ones, just the cake.

      2. re: Lee Gordon

        Thanks for letting me know about Mrs. Murphy's in Southwick. I knew about Mrs. Murphy's in Manchester. I'm assuming these two locations are related.

        Are there other Mrs. Murphy's around?

        Any other donut suggestions in this general area? I thought New England was donut central!

      3. Without question, in the Berkshires: Bartlett's Orchards, in Richmond. Apple Cider doughnuts, the best in the area. For all I know, the best in the world. Not to be missed.
        I envy you the first bite!

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        1. re: BerkshireTsarina

          I second Bartletts for the apple cider donuts.

        2. Donut Dip, off of I-91 in West Springfield, MA.
          Apple Cider donuts: Atkins Farms Market, Rte. 116, Amherst, MA

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          1. re: dscott

            I'll grant you: if you can't have apple cider donuts at Bartlett's, Atkins is a strong second. There's an opportunity for a real taste test, if you can get to both places. (But I'll stick with Bartlett's as THE best.)

            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              Another vote for Bartlett's in Richmond. I haven't tried the donuts at Atkins, but I've been to many an orchard in the northeast, and I would easily regard the cider donuts at Bartlett's as among the very best cider donuts I've had.

            2. re: dscott

              Donut Dip is awesome and definitely a must-try spot!!!

              Atkins farms is also awesome but more off the beaten path (i.e. I-91)!

              You know your stuff dscott!

              1. re: dscott

                I 2nd Atkins. Also, Hamilton Orchards in New Salem MA on rte 202. They cook them while you wait and then roll them in cinn/sugar , put in paper bag and off you go. The bag is HOT!! But they are worth the burn. Yum. But that is not really Berkshires but very pretty driving up over the Quabbin at this time of the year.

              2. The Donut Man in Pittsfield, on Rt. 7, near the Lanesboro town line.

                Anytime of the day, we've always had fresh donuts there. And good coffee, too.

                I work in Manchester, VT and I don't think Mrs. Murphy's Donuts are anything to write home about, sadly. I have yet to find good donuts in southern Vermont, except for cider donuts at random farm stands, which are hit or miss.

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                1. re: dukegirl

                  Sorry to disagree, but I'd skip the Donut Man in Pittsfield. The donuts are made in Hadley or somesuch, and shipped to the Pitt. "Tis the time of year for real cider donuts, anyway.

                  1. re: mjoyous

                    You'd skip Donut Man because the donuts are made in Hadley? Yeah, well that certainly makes perfect sense --- NOT!

                    Donut Man donuts are made locally (in Dalton) and are the best around. Their coffee is unbelievably good, out of this world. Dunkin is scared stiff because Donut man is so much better. Give it time, you'll see.

                2. Keep these ideas coming....I'm sitting here with a map, mapping out my donut trip.

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                  1. re: wintersummer

                    this is what I love about chowhound...when you say something like that, I know I'm not alone when I'm mapping out days of eating across NYC. You're my people!