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Oct 12, 2009 04:27 PM

Fried chicken in Seattle - other than Kingfish or Ezell's

I've got some friends coming over from Bainbridge Island for their Big Date Night Out in the City, and there's a specific request for fried chicken.

The last four times these friends have come over, we have gone to the Kingfish Cafe. Now, Kingfish serves wonderful food, but this time I am determined to expand their horizons and get them to try a new restaurant. The compromise is: it must include fried chicken.

Other than Kingfish (been there) and Ezell's (sinfully delicious, but not for date nights) where in Seattle can I find some outstanding fried chicken?

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  1. The Steelhead Diner. Also the Salt & Pepper chicken at Judy Fu's.

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      Concur on Steelhead. Also like the FC at 5 Spot. FC is excellent at Flying Fish.

    2. I've been to Kingfish a few times but never gotten the fried chicken - mostly because it seemed the general consensus to be that it was overpriced and not very good. And I like Ezell's but don't find it to be outstanding in anyway (perhaps a small step above KFC?). So perhaps our tastes are not in line. However, I will offer a couple of suggestions. One is to go the Asian route. I really like the fried chicken at Julia's Indonesian Kitchen in the U - district and have liked the rest of the food there as well. The rijstafel (Dutch inspired plates with many different dishes) are very affordable and delicious. There are also a lot of Korean fried chicken places popping up in places like Lynnwood. They probably are too casual for what you are looking for though. Also you might want to check if Geraldine's Counter is offering fried chicken on your particular night because while they are most famous for their breakfasts, Geraldine's offers really great food all around. Good luck.

      1. Chicky Pub in the Paldo World Korean Market in Lynnwood.

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          I tried to go to Chicky Pub for lunch... the guy couldn't or wouldn't sell me a 2 pc meal. He wanted me to get an 8 piece. I left.

        2. Flying Fish always has fried chicken on its menu. I personally do not like the fried chicken at Five Spot.

          1. Thanks for the great suggestions! We'll aim for Steelhead Diner or Flying Fish for date night, and make sure to hit up the other ones when ferry schedules and babysitter transportation aren't time constraints. :-)

            Lots of great ideas, much appreciated.