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Oct 12, 2009 04:11 PM

Prezzo Aventura Closed?

Hey everyone! Do any of you know if Prezzo closed? I have passed by several times and it seems closed. Today I called and no one answered. It would be very sad if it is really gone. Hopefully they are closing due to new schedules, or vacation or anything other than just closed! I know Dadino's closed for good in the same area, but Prezzo!!! Oh well...

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  1. I had dinner at Prezzo's a few weeks ago and it was horrible. They were out of alot of food items. How do you run out of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (the largest selling Pinot Grigio). They also had no Sambucca. Service was also sketchy (only 1 server). We asked to speak to the manager and the cook came out, apron and all. Sorry to see it go. It once was very good (as was the Prezzo's in Boca).