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Oct 12, 2009 04:07 PM

Saturday dinner near Pantheon or Piazza Navona?

Hi all, we will actually be vacationing in Tuscany but will be flying in and out of Rome. We will only have the afternoon and evening before leaving the next day, but want to end the trip with a nice dinner near Pantheon or Piazza Navona (staying at Albergo del Senato).

We are looking for something fairly simple and traditional with good homemade pastas, maybe a trattoria or other family-run place. Any suggestions?


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  1. One piazza west of the south end of the Pantheon is Ristorante Sant' Eustachio which has lovely food and a very nice atmosphere. Then right across the street is the best coffee in Rome at Cafe Sant' Eustachio.

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      We had dinner at Cul De Sac which is in Piazza Pasquino near Piazza Navona. We had a lovely platter of Local Cheeses to start and then finished with some salads. Reasonably priced....

    2. Armando al Pantheon - you'll need to make reservations, as it's usually at capacity.

      Their website and location:

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        I think Armando will satisfy your need, but dont think they make their own pasta.
        Stick with the simple roman specialties, pasta, lamb and such. their bruschettas, cicoria and puntarelle are also good.

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          Armando is just a few steps across the piazza from your hotel; I think it will satisfy your requirements as long as you follow Jen's advice and stick to the classics. Although it is not thought of as being particularly Roman, I did have a very good farro soup here...more like a stew than soup.
          I think (based on my own admittedly very limited experience with both) that the food is better here than at San Eustachio, which I believe is noted for its fritti. (I actually dined here at the recommendation of one of the staff at your hotel, a place I like very much)

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        1. Armando e Pantheon or also perhaps try Il Galluto near Campo di Fiori.

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            Sorry I boobed I meant to say Osteria ar Galletto in Piazza Farnese. Very authentic.

          2. Go to the Palatium 94 Via Frattina

            Was there Oct 1st - you won't regret it

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              Palatium, though having its merits, is neither simple nor a trattoria nor a family-run place nor close to Pantheon or piazza Navona.

              Palatium is the state controlled enoteca of the region of Latium - it has a stylish interior, has a chic clientèle and offers only wines and food products from Lazio - however the preparations are not simple or traditional. I used to like the food a lot and had problems with the service (a typical "I am employed by the state and don't have to excel" attitude) but now the chef has left (and opened his own restaurant, I hear), so I don't know how the food is, haven't been there since.

              1. re: vinoroma

                The food was good and the service was excellent-

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                  I disagree. In May, the service was snooty and indifferent and the food was only average (very limited menu). As noted, this is most definitely not a family-run place and certainly not a trattoria that serves good pasta.

                  Anna - Go elsewhere.

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                    BTW, Palatium is no where near their hotel. It is a considerable distance to/from the Pantheon to via Frattina. For your one night in Rome, this is simply not worth the effort.

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                      This is like the blind men at the elephant: each has a point. For one night in Rome, anybody can walk from the Pantheon to via Frattina. It's not that far. BUT if I had one night in Rome I wouldn’t spend it at Palatium.

                      and yet, I believe it (usually) has excellent food (despite a shoe-leather saltimbocca I had once) with unusually good ingredients. The service was probably less truly snooty than inept.