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Oct 12, 2009 03:34 PM

Where to find concord grapes?

Anyone know of a local farmers' market (or any store I guess) selling concord grapes right now? Thanks much!

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  1. Where are you? They should be at nearly any farmer's market.

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    1. re: JonParker

      I'm in Arlington, and they're not at my neighborhood market, the Columbia Pike one on Sundays.

      1. re: eriny

        A fruit vendor at Clarendon's Wednesday market has concord grapes and their white counterpart, niagara grapes (which are used to make white grape juice).....the concords are better. He also happens to have awesome, hard-to-find apple and pear varieties.

        1. re: eriny

          Reid's Orchard has excellent concords (as well as great apples and pears). They're at several farmer's markets in the Nova/DC area.

      2. I've seen them at Whole Foods and Balducci's.

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        1. re: susabella

          The Whole Foods in Tenleytown (aka Whole Paycheck) definitely has them.

        2. Try Catoctin Mountain Orchards in Thurmont, MD area. Great fall trip. We have a 50 acre farm in Loudoun County and have not yet grown grapes. So this is our "go to" place for great grapes.

          Website is below--

          They also offer hayrides and apples, etc.

          Good luck--