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Oct 12, 2009 02:53 PM

Little Bugs in Corn Meal Where Did they Come From?

I can barely write about this again, and I am so grossed out that I might never bread fish again.Last night I prepared tilapia that I breaded in corn meal (about 6 months old), mixed with old bay, and put into the oven to bake. After all was in the oven, I took a look into the bag of corn meal, and only then did I notice it was crawling with very tiny black bugs! Echh! I had to toss all the fish, and got so frustrated. I gave the family scramble eggs for dinner since I could handle preparing anything else. Anyone know how these bugs got their in the 1st place? Was the it just too old? The bag was in a sealed plastic bag in a dark dry cupboard. & what were these bugs? We took a look at the other dry items, and they were clean.

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  1. This is just a theory, no facts to back it up, but if your other dry goods don't have those bugs, then the bugs came from the store you bought them from. Usually if I see those bugs in my pantry they are in other dry goods, as well. If I see them in a closed container, then I blame the store. Note to self - check all dry goods for crawling things! LOL!

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      The eggs are in the corn meal and flour, and then they hatch. They are treated but they cannot all be killed. I fry enough fish and shrimp to where this is rarely a problam. Just buy more corn meal, and check it if you don't use it often. Think about it Dani, how can you blame the store for bugs in a sealed container of corn meal.

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        You are right danhole they do come from the stores it just happen to me.
        When I came home I notice there where one bug on the box, so I didn't think of anything at first.
        And then that night my daugther open her faviorte ceral and they where in the box and they got out and got into my pantry and all my other food.
        They seem to like the light and plastic containers.
        I called the store they said they where going to check on it , I hope they do.
        I just lost alot of are food. Yes, Check before you leave the store.

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          1. They hatched in there... icky I know, but a fact of life. Sometimes grains and flours come with hitch-hikers and that's all there is to it.

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              They're called pantry bugs. They seem to hitch a ride on something you bought, but if you don't catch it right away, you'll soon find them in the flour, pasta, spices, it goes on and on. Had this happen a couple of times (I think infested pasta box was the culprit). Really had to carefully inspect everything. Wound up tossing most of any edible vegetable matter that wasn't tightly sealed. Clean scrupulously, and start over.

              It's disgusting, but really not a reflection on your cleanliness -- who vacuum seals pasta?

            2. Relax. They happen.
              I keep my corn meal and flour in a zip-lock bag in the fridge for just the same reason.