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Oct 12, 2009 01:53 PM

Dim Sum In Louisville

Since this topic doesn't seem to have been discussed I thought I'd mention that there is pretty good dim sum at Jade Palace in Louisville. This restaurant was a surprising find, as it not only serves dim sum from carts, but also serves it every day, not just on weekends. Quality approaches what you can get in Los Angeles or San Francisco Chinatown (not necessarily a compliment on an absolute scale, since Chinese food in these Chinatowns pales compared to what's available in the suburbs, but in fact is meant as a compliment). Strangely one item, the chicken pie appeared to be completely identical to one of my favorites that I used to get in Los Angeles until recently, but can't find any more. Jade Palace is at 1244 Herr Lane.

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  1. That's seriously across the street from me, and I drove past the other day and almost went in before I thought, "No WAY is their 'dim sum' any good. Pshaw." Now I know! Thanks, Chandavkl!!

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      Another good thing is the variety. There were probably at least a couple dozen different varieties, not unlike what you get in the Chinatowns of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. (Again, my reference to Chinatowns is to a good, average quality product and not the superior quality one finds in the suburban areas of these cities.) Also, it was encouraging to see a large number of Chinese diners in the restaurant.