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Oct 12, 2009 01:40 PM

New in Ansonia, CT Lanza's Italian Restaurant....East or West Main St

located in the old Snooker's Bar. Anyone been there yet? I'm hoping for good food. Anything on the place next door...something about 384 restaurant?

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  1. I plan on trying Lanza's tonight. I have heard good things and the atmosphere is great, I did have a drink there. DO NOT go to 384, the waitress forgot half the appetizer and stood at our table giggling (we think she thought she was cute, we just wanted the food). When the dinner finally arrived a good hour later and there were only 4 tables taken, the rare strip was dry, the penne vodka had a cup of oil, the turkey burger you could knock on the bun and the scallops came 30 minutes after the rest of the food they were overcooked and overpowered by the garlic. We were given a free round of drinks but for the never ending heart burn it was NOT worth a penny.

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      OK! First time poster coming out of the woodwork! I hope you will come back and let us know how Lanza's is. There are a number of us in or near the Valley.
      There's bound to be something in Ansonia besides Crave...

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        l had a good meal at lanza, if anyone is looking for another good place you need to try grace & tony's restaurant and bar located in seymour. true italian food, friendly people and decorated as if you were on the streets of NY. as for 384? i have not been there yet, did go to crave, not bad but i did feel like i had to wait longer than i should have for my food and drinks.

    2. Ok, just back from Lanza's with my friend Jeff. The place is very nice inside...much better than I expected for a restaurant in Ansonia and it was very crowded. That's a good thing! We asked to be seated in the back so we could people watch. The bread they brought to the table was so-so, it came with an olive tapenade, and roasted garlic cloves in some olive oil and of course butter. We shared the fried calamari with marinara, it was good, not overly greasy, done just right. We liked the marinara sauce, simple and not highly spiced. Next came a simple salad, no iceberg, thank god! I ordered the eggplant rollatini with penne and Jeff had the veal saltimbocca with penne also. I thought the eggplant was excellent, although it said rolled with prosciutto all I could tatse was bacon but that's ok, cause I LOVE bacon! Jeff's dinner was good but looked kinda lost on the big plate. It was 4 pieces of veal and that's it. The penne came on the side. We each had a glass of wine, mine was $7 or $8 and I can't remember what my friend had. With tax and tip it came out to $70 total. Both owners greeted us on the way in and out. I told her I would most definitely come back. It's a good family italian restaurant. It's a step up from other family italian restaurants in the valley. It was still pretty crowded as we were leaving.

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        One thing I didn't like was the script they used on the menu, I had a hard time reading it, almost too complicated.

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          anyone know if lanza's is kid friendly?