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Oct 12, 2009 01:38 PM

New In San Gabriel

No sooner than Shanghai Restaurant finishes sliding over from its space in San Gabriel Square to the adjacent space formerly occupied by Fantasy Eatery, the old Shanghai Restaurant space has been taken and the new occupant has opened for business. The new tenant is Shu Feng Yuan, a branch of the Sichuan style Shufeng Garden in Rowland Heights. As I recall, the Rowland Heights location has a table of cold dishes (pig ears etc.) up front, but there is no such arrangement here. From what I can tell, Shufeng Garden has a pretty good following, so now the west SGV can experience this too. There is still one empty restaurant spot remaining at San Gabriel Square, where the Japanese restaurant used to be.

Down the street and around the corner on San Gabriel Blvd. at the site of the departed Gourmet House (and before that, Spike's) the signage is up for Yunnan 168, though they're still in the construction phase. Given that most of the Yunnan style restaurants in the US are in the San Gabriel Valley, I'm not sure if we need another contender, but it's on its way.

And sadly, Shanghai Bamboo House on the corner of Temple City Blvd. and Las Tunas Dr. in Temple City is gone, to be replaced by a bank. This is doubly sad since this location has been occupied by a series of pretty good Chinese restaurants for over 20 years.

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  1. I believe the people behind Bamboo House are looking to relocate in Hacienda Heights.

    1. Thanks for the info. I tried going back to the Shanghai House and was going to swear it was on that corner. I'm not going crazy!

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      1. re: cfylong

        Actually I think Shanghai Bamboo House is still there. The bank is replacing a former independent drug store on the corner of Temple City Blvd and Las Tunas.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          You're right that the restaurant was not accessed from Las Tunas. However, it looked like the bank is taking over the entire structure from the corner back to the parking lot, which would include the restaurant portion. Also, a Yelper lamented the closing.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            The new HSBC bank has taken over the space formerly occupied by the restaurant.

        2. I must be blind or senile (if not both). Went back to San Gabriel Square today and saw that another Shanghai Restaurant called Spring Wave has opened up in #209, just two doors down from Shu Feng Yuan and three spaces from Shanghai Restaurant. Given the big 3 Shanghai restaurants across the street at 301 W. Valley makes one wonder if Shanghai cuisine has reached the saturation point in that part of town.

          1. Shanghai Bamboo House relocated to Monrovia/Arcadia. 933 W. Duarte Rd., 91016. I'm going tonight, see you there.