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Hi hounds,
Where can I get the best pierogies in Mtl?

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  1. I am far from the pierogies expert, but I have had great ones at Euro-Deli Batory (on St-Viateur, corner St-Urbain). Although I normally eat their sausages or sandwiches, I have enjoyed a small side of pierogies many times, to my satisfaction.

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      Wawel has good Pierogies that are homemade. They have 5 or 6 stores in Montreal on St Marc, Sherbrooke St W, JTM only to mention a few. Also they have great Rye Bread and Ponki.

    2. I know this won't be useful most of the year, but they sell homemade pierogis at the Polish bazaar held twice a year in Snowdon (every year I mention the bazaar, and I am embarassed that every year Moh has to cover my behind with the name of the church and the address etc..). The fall one should be held soon, usually beginning of November. You can also purchase Mish's fabulous kielbassa, as well as Poncki from Rosement and Wawel, all under one roof.

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        Oh, I hope you do find that, as I was just about to ask if there were any good homemade pierogies at Polish or Ukranian church or association bazaars. I don't recall any the last time I was at the Polish bazaar in Rosemont (there were lots of baked goods). There were similar stuffed dumplings on offer at the Russian bazaar in Outremont (boulevard St-Joseph W.)

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          yes yes! Please let us know, lagatta and maisonbistro, when the bazaars take place! I am quite interested in going. Are they accessible by public transportation?

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            From a previous post:

            The Committee for Relief to Polish Children invites you to Polish Bazaar: the Saint Antonin Church, 5361, avenue Snowdon, metro Snowdon. Featuring: jewellery, amber, folk art, books, CD, cosmetics, various articles, hot Polish dishes, Polish folk dances

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          Just heads-up one of the Ukrainian bazaars is this Sunday:

          Ukrainian Christmas bazaar, sponsored by the Ukrainian Women’s Auxiliary of the Ukrainian Youth Association of Quebec, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., 3270 Beaubien St. E. Baked goods, handicrafts, decorations, used books. Lunch.

        3. I'm partial to Chopin, on Decarie just South of Monkland. Good selection and they freeze quite well.

          4200 boulevard Décarie
          Montréal, QC H4A 3K2
          (514) 481-0302

          1. I have had only so-so pierogies in Montreal. Pierogies are really only one of the very few things I miss about Winnipeg (if in town there is a Ukrainian place at the Forks which does them best). We've taken to making them ourselves. it's a huge amount of work but you can make enough to last a year (depending on how often you eat them , of course) in a few days. It let's you experiment too: Sweet potato and rosemary pierogies anyone? I made these for a local resto and people loved them. That place is no longer around though...

            1. The Russian (?) grocery on Somerled next to the SAQ has half-decent frozen ones, and a decent variety. All supermarket ones are really the pits.

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                The best frozen pierogies in western canada were made by Jamaicans. Alas, that brand is gone now.

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                  Supermarket frozen ones always seem to be those dumpling sized doughy things. What made these different?

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                    I don't know. They were pretty good. Ironically I saw the same brand name of Hot Patties (Jamaican patties) and I thought, cool, a Ukrainian made patties, when it was just the opposite (Jamaican made perogies).

              2. Does anyone have a source for sweet pierogies? Out west you can find blueberry pierogies. Yum.

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                  Polonia on de l'Eglise, in Verdun, two blocks north of Wellington, makes blueberry pierogies. Out-of-this-world good.

                2. Euro-Deli Batory on St-Viateur !!!! It's a small grocery for Polish stuff too!

                  1. My wife being Polish, I have become pretty picky myself... I used to think good pierogis could not be found in Montreal, and we would stock up whenever going to the Toronto area. However, I have to say that my favorite pierogis West of Krakow and East of Chicago are now the ones from Restaurant Cracovie, in CDN, on Lacombe I believe. They will sell them to you by the bag. They are cheap too, and the restaurant has both salty and sweet ones. Yummy stuff!

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                      «Restaurant Cracovie, in CDN, on Lacombe»

                      Actually it's at 5349 Gatineau, corner of Marechal, a half block south of Lacombe.

                      Not that I've been, but Karpati's review of Euro Polonia (1565 Amherst, 514 223-4240) includes the following paragraph: "Euro Polonia stands out for making their own pierogies. There's no shortage of options: you can go savoury with kasha, potato, bacon and spinach or get a variety of sweet fruit dumplings like peach and blueberry. The cabbage and mushroom pierogies (I sense a theme) were less oily and fatty than the norm (even the sour cream seemed lighter and tangier). The dough had a nice chewiness, and the stuffing was again earthy in the best sense. There could have been a few more fried onions on top, but then I always think that, even if I'm eating chocolate cake." www.hour.ca/food/food.aspx?iIDArticle...

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                        I second Cracovie.

                        I work nearby and I enjoy their pierogies (along with other items on the menu) at lunchtime. I usually order a mixed plate of pierogies (potatoes and cheese, meat) and it comes with sauerkraut and sour cream. The table d'hôte is inexpensive.

                      2. I live above Chopin Deli on Decarie Blvd (just south of Monkland) and they have a selection of decent perogies that are made on site and frozen. I can also vouch for the quality of their meats and sausages (all made in house).