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Oct 12, 2009 01:32 PM

Ottawa Suggestions

Going to Ottawa from Toronto this coming weekend. My first visit to Ottawa.

I'm looking for some suggestions:

Dinner recommendations, we are staying at the Westin, so something close would be good. We like French Bistro type food. A place with good wine. Maybe a couple of different place a little more formal for Friday, and something more casual for Saturday night.

Also, recommendations for breakfast/brunch. A good greasy spoon in the local area!


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  1. Tboy,

    Check out Murray st in the market, there's an abundance of great restaurants. My suggetions would include


    Murray street charcuterie and wine bar

    Sweetgrass aboriginal bistro


    and for a pub/ greasy spoon type there's

    Chez Lucien
    137 Murray Street
    Ottawa, ON K1N 5M7

    (613) 241-3533

    I hope you find some good chow!!!

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    1. re: kenthecook

      I second Domus, it is my favourite place in Ottawa.

      1. re: JPJ

        Third Domus. My meal there was probably one of the better ones of last year. IMO it blew Nota Bene, North 44, and all of the newer mid range Toronto spots (Harbord Room, Tati, Deluxe, etc) out of the water for me.

        1. Friday's Roast Beef House is a good choice for a traditional prime rib dinner. Domus is a good spot for delicious locally grown food, though we found the service a little snotty. For breakfast, I'd suggest the Elgin St. Diner. Hope this helps!